2022 Annual Hackathon


On October 1, Honors College Connects (HCC) held its second annual Hackathon. The Hackathon is an opportunity for students to come up with creative solutions to issues that various local nonprofit organizations face. This year’s participating nonprofits included: 

  • Annandale Christian Community for Action, a church-affiliated voluntary organization assisting low-income families in the Annandale/Bailey’s Crossroads area; 

  • Shelter House, a domestic violence shelter; 

  • League of Women Voters Fairfax, a nonpartisan voter participation organization; 

  • NV Rides, a network of volunteers providing personal transportation to seniors; 

  • Sustainable Mason President’s Park Greenhouse, an organization that provides fresh produce to the George Mason University community; 

  • Latino Economic Development Center, an organization that provides financial education to Latino & other underserved communities. 

The students also enjoyed a catered lunch together and took group photos. 

HCC Hackathon

First-time Honors student participant Farhan Babar worked with Sustainable Mason, creating marketing material to promote their free produce options. He recounts one challenge his team encountered: “We tried doing so many things all at once that we ended up becoming separated. We weren’t even able to finish most of the things we were trying to do individually.” Despite the challenges of working in a large, ambitious team, Babar says that he enjoyed getting to know other Honors College students that day.  

Sebastian Rodionov, another newcomer to the Hackathon, worked with NV Rides to create an advertisement campaign persuading recent retirees to become volunteer drivers for local seniors. He shares that for his team, “generally speaking, we did not run into any challenges at the Hackathon. I provided ideas and bounced them to other members for feedback. Our team also had a professional graphic designer who created a gorgeous Facebook post/sample flyer from scratch.” For Rodionov, “the best part of the Hackathon was seeing the end products of all the other groups and reflecting on all we accomplished that day.”