University Scholars

Mason's Investment in the Next Generation of Problem-solvers

University Scholars are academically outstanding students who are offered a four year, full-tuition scholarship to the university. The Scholars are chosen for their leadership and problem-solving skills to form a tight-knit cohort of students committed to serving their community. The program predates the Honors College itself, recruiting extraordinary students since 1987. 

In their first semester, all the newly chosen Scholars take UNIV 160 together, a course focused on professional development and building strong connections within the group. In the summer before their sophomore year, the same group participates in Institute, a weeklong event dedicated to exploring a topic of the group’s choosing. 

Scholars meet with a separate advisor for their major along with Honors College advisors once every semester to discuss their plans and how to achieve them. They are also granted access to the University Scholar Lounge, a space for studying and convening open to all members of the program. Each year, University Scholars are given as many resources as possible to ensure their growth and success at the university and are encouraged to give back to their community by applying their talents and abilities wherever possible.  

Scholars have a multitude of opportunities to network with upperclassmen and alumni excelling in their respective fields post-graduation. Monthly town hall meetings and a yearly retreat allow for friendships to grow, as well as provide a platform for Scholars to make interdisciplinary academic and professional connections. Scholars pursue a wide range of disciplines, creating a diverse environment that enables beneficial collaborations across fields.