Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Current Students

Honors College Advising

What’s the difference between my Honors College advisor and my major/minor advisor?

Honors college advising:  

  • Complements major advising 
  • Expertise in the Honors College curriculum 
  • Works with you on integrating Honors College & major courses, particularly in your first year 
  • Discussions about majors, double majors, minors, etc.  
  • Opportunities in the Honors College & beyond 
  • General and “big picture” decisions 

Major/minor advising: 

  • Understanding your degree requirements & course options 
  • Provides knowledge about and opportunities in the major and minor, as well as opportunities offered by the department 
  • Experts on policy matters – forms, etc. 
  • Your major department & School or College are your official administrative home 

How do I find my Honor College advisor?

Go to our academic advising page and look by School or College and then major. If you are still exploring, undecided, or undeclared, there are Honors College advisors at the top of the list. 

How do I find my major or minor advisor?

What do I include in an email to advisors?

Always email from your Mason email address. Be sure to include your name, G#, and a concise but complete description of your request or inquiry.


Classes and Registration

Where can I find information about the registration process?

How do waitlists work?

Current information about waitlists and other common registration issues are available on the Registrar's website.

Where can I find the prerequisites for courses?

Go to the University Catalog and search for the class. The prerequisites will be listed with the course description. 

Can I get HNRS credit from a study abroad experience?

It is possible, but will require you to follow the Honors College's processes and guidelines to determine if any of your classes are eligible. 

Can I take classes at another university and have those credits transfer back to Mason?

With prior permission you may be able to take certain classes elsewhere. On the Registrar’s form website there is a Study Elsewhere form. The form itself lists the deadline for obtaining approval for each semester and the second page outlines some of the university’s policies. Individual departments or colleges may have additional policies. Note that the advisor who will sign the form is your major advisor, not your Honors College advisor. 

How do I check to see if I have registration holds on my account?

Login to PatriotWeb and look for View Holds. If you have a hold, information for how to resolve it will be listed. 

What is the process for requesting a leave of absence from the Univeristy?

Students should first meet with their major advisor and their Honors College advisor.  The Leave of Absence form includes information about the request.  If a student plans to be on leave for one semester, their major advisor signs the form.  For longer absences, the student will need to receive approval from the Dean of the student’s college.  Students cannot take courses at other institutions while on leave. 


GPA, Transcripts, and Degree Requirements

What happens to my GPA if I retake a course? Does the previous attempt stay on my transcript?

How do I know what my degree requirements are? Is DegreeWorks correct for my major and catalog year?

Degree requirements are found in the catalog and are specific to your catalog year. Check the archive for previous year catalogs. DegreeWorks is a tool that can be used to check what requirements you still need to meet but be cautious.  The DegreeWorks degree evaluations for Honors College students are not correct. The Honors College section of DegreeWorks list Mason Core requirements that are not actually required for Honors College students. Honors College students must complete the Honors College requirements, including the quantitative reasoning requirement. The Honors College science requirement mirrors the science requirement of a student's college and major. Students pursuing BA degrees may have a foreign language requirement. It is strongly recommended that you double check in the catalog or with your Honors College advisor to understand what is and is not accurate. 

Beyond the Honors College requirements, students must satisfy all requirements of their college and major and Mason undergraduate program requirements for admissions, residency, credit hours, quality, and upper-level credits. 

I planned out my whole 4 years. Can someone help me to make sure it is correct?

Yes, you can email it to your Honors College and/or major advisor from your Mason email account. Include any concerns/questions that you might have and your G#. 

How do I know if I’m on track to graduate?

You can map out all of the courses that you will take each semester through graduation. Be sure to take into account course prerequisites and the frequency of course offerings. The University Catalog, DegreeWorks, and the Honors College sample schedules or checklists can help with this endeavor. An academic advisor (Honors and/or major advisor) can help check your results.    

How do I know if Mason received my AP/IB/DE scores and processed them correctly?

Login to PatriotWeb and check your transcript to see if you were given proper credit.

The university website lists the exams and corresponding courses. The bottom of the page also includes forms for inquiring about your credits and appealing them. 

How do I know if class X will count toward one of my degree requirements?

Access DegreeWorks through PatriotWeb. In DegreeWorks, run a What-if Analysis and add the class in question. Hit Process What-if to see what requirement(s) the class would count toward.  

How do I get more information about an accelerated master’s program?

The University Catalog lists the requirements and admissions criteria. The department offering the masters degree will be able to answer your questions. Your Honors College advisor may also be able to offer guidance. 


Majors and minors

How do I declare a new or second major?

Contact the major advisor for the new major you are considering.  That advisor will need to sign the Change/Declaration of Academic Program on the Registrar’s website. Instructions on where to send the completed form are located at the very top of the form.  

How do I declare a minor?

Contact the minor advisor for the new minor you are considering.  That advisor will need to sign the Change/Declaration of Academic Program form on the Registrar’s website. Instructions on where to send the completed form are located at the very top of the form. 


Contacting offices outside of the Honors College

How do I find the contact information for department X?

First check the department’s website. Most university departments have a Contact Us page that will provide you with an email address and/or phone number. If there is not one listed, check the catalog page for the department or program. There is often contact information listed on the left. You can also check the University Advising website to find an advisor for that department.  

I have questions about my student account, financial aid, or need to contact the registrar’s office. How do I do that?

The Mason Student Services Center is the first stop and the central resource for information and solutions related to registration, enrollment, financial aid, billing, academic records and other student support services.

How do I contact housing?

First check the Housing FAQ to see if your question is answered. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, email Housing:



What financial resources are available to me?

These resources are especially important:

There are a lot of scholarships available from companies, government organizations, non-profits, etc. Do some internet searches to find those that are appropriate to you and your area of study. Never apply to a scholarship that requires an application fee.  

The Honors College awards a few scholarships each year. Most do not require an application. You simply complete the Honors College census that is sent out every November.  

I’m having some trouble in my class. What can I do? How can I get some help?

First, it is always a good idea to talk to the professor of the class. They may be able to provide suggestions specific to the class. Also make sure that you are attending class, going to office hours, working with the class teaching or learning assistant and in general taking advantage of all of the support provided.  

Also check out Mason Learning Services which includes a variety of resources, including academic success programs and links to a number of Mason tutoring centers.  

If appropriate, you might also contact the Disability Services or Counseling and Psychological Services.

The Honors College also has a Student Support Team. You may make an appointment with them through Navigate. Look for Honors College, meeting type "Student Support Meeting." 


Who do I email

Who do I email if I have questions about my major requirements?

An advisor for your major

Who do I email if I have questions about I have questions about my Honors College requirements?

The Honors College advisor for your major or

Who do I email if I want to declare a major or minor?

The advisor will need to sign The Minor Declaration Form which can be found on the registrar's website

Who do I email if I have questions about my student account?

Who do I email if I have questions about my financial aid?

Who do I email if I have questions about housing?

First check the Housing Resources Page to see if your question is answered. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, email housing: