Current Students

The Honors College is dedicated to your growth and wellbeing, all throughout your college experience. Explore unique and impactful courses taught by faculty from fields across the University. Meet with Honors College Advisors here to guide and support your academic and professional flourishing. Leverage resources to ensure your success. 

Pursue Your Interests

Build on your college experience outside of the classroom. Honors College students take advantage of the various resources and opportunities available on campus. Continue your learning through funded research programs, study abroad trips, and nationally prestigious scholarship and fellowship programs. The Honors College curriculum encourages students to explore these experiences, from furthering your Honors College research to studying abroad to satisfy Honors College requirements.

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Percentage of Honors College students eligible for early registration
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Conduct research with a faculty mentor before they graduate
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Number of students awarded a Fulbright fellowship during 2014-2015
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Number of students who worked directly with business/community partners in their courses last year