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Your contribution to Mason’s Honors College gives highly motivated students the opportunity to pursue a range of undergraduate opportunities across all disciplines. Give today and support our commitment to developing the next generation of creative thinkers and problem-solvers.

Your Gift Helps Us, and Helps Us Give Back

You can transform the lives of our students through a gift to Mason, making a profound and direct impact on their futures.

Your gift could:

  • Allow a student to focus on academic development rather than how to pay next semester's tuition.
  • Enable a first-generation college student to fly to a professional conference for a presentation.
  • Launch a service that provides a transformative learning experience while helping the local community.
  • Create a speaker series or supplement our current courses, encouraging students to consider multiple perspectives.

Gifts from our partners also help our students give back from day one.

Mason students chat around desks

You can change a student's life, enabling young people filled with promise to start a career without the burden of debt. That helps them make a real impact in the world.

Contact Us

The Honors College's opportunities would not be possible without gifts from partners and donors like you. To make a gift or learn more about giving, contact Director of Development, Valentino Bryant (703) 993-7992.