Core Faculty and Staff

Core Faculty

  • Portrait of Eva Bramesco

    Director, University Scholars, Honors College
    Associate Director for Honors College Admissions, Office of Admissions

    Eva Bramesco is the Director of the University Scholars in the Honors College.  She is also the Associate Director of Honors College Admissions. Beginning with her involvement in the Admissions Office at her alma mater, Eva has spent nearly a decade working with students and families of all backgrounds to overcome the various hurdles of the college admissions process.
  • Honors College Core Faculty

  • Portrait of Melanie Fedri

    Experiential Learning Coordinator, Honors College
    Assistant Professor, Honors College

    Dr. Fedri is an Assistant Professor in the Honors College and serves as its Experiential Learning Coordinator. She focuses on the nonprofit-serving Honors College Connects program (HNRS 261 & HNRS 361), along with the corporation- and industry partner-focused class,
  • Portrait of Gabriela Guzman

    Professional Advisor

    Gabriela Guzman is a proud first-generation college graduate who enjoys helping students from all walks of life, as they navigate through their college experiences.
  • Portrait of Tharuna Kalaivanan

    Instructor & Graduate Professional Assistant, Honors College; PhD Student, Sociology; Lead Research Mentor, Social Science Research Lab

    Tharuna Kalaivanan is a PhD student in the Public and Applied Sociology Program at George Mason University. She graduated from George Mason University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology in 2020. She is also an Honors College Alum.
  • Portrait of Davis Kuykendall

    Faculty, Honors College

    Davis Kuykendall is a faculty member in the Philosophy Department and the Honors College.  He received his B.A. from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and his Ph.D. from Purdue University.  
  • Portrait of Nadeen Makhlouf

    Faculty, Honors College

    Honors College Term Faculty member Nadeen Makhlouf brings her expertise in public administration, collaboration, and organizational capacity to classes on public service and public-private partnerships.
  • Portrait of Tahmina Rahman

    Assistant Director for Transfer and Continuing Student Outreach & Support

    Tahmina Rahman in George Mason University’s Honors College has been named the V. Ann Lewis Academic Advisor of the Year, in recognition of outstanding care and commitment to supporting undergraduates’ academic achievement.
  • Portrait of Jasmyne Rogers
    Jasmyne Rogers is the Student Success Coordinator in the Honors College. Her role is to advise and serve as both an academic and personal resource to students while also supporting retention efforts in the college.
  • Honors College Core Faculty