Faculty and Staff


  • Portrait of Dean Zofia Burr

    Dean, Honors College

    Dr. Zofia Burr is the founding dean of Mason's Honors College. She is a poet and has researched African American literature and the reception of modern American poetry.

Associate Dean

  • Portrait of Assistant Dean Hoefer

    Associate Dean, Honors College

    Associate Professor, English

    Dr. Andy Hoefer is the assistant dean in the Honors College. His research in English focuses on the literature of the U.S. South.

Assistant Dean

  • Portrait of John Woolsey

    Assistant Dean of Faculty and Curriculum, Honors College


    John Woolsey is a Director of Faculty and Curriculum Development in the Honors College. He has led a number of key initiatives in the Honors College, including the expansions and institutionalization of the peer mentorship program and the curriculum development team.