Policies and Forms

Appeals, Disputes, and Complaints

The Honors College reviews requests for appeal of termination from the Honors College and grade appeals for courses designated as HNRS or HNRT. We also accept disputes and complaints.

All other appeals or requests are usually handled by the department or college of a student’s major or by the department that is offering the course in the case of grade appeals, including those courses designated as H-sections accepted by the Honors College. If you are unsure of who handles your appeal or request, contact your advisor.

Appeals and complaints are reviewed in the order in which they are received and students are typically notified of initial decisions within three weeks of appeal, excluding holidays and University closures.

Appeals of termination from the Honors College.

Students who are terminated from the Honors College may appeal their termination using this form.

Grade disputes

If you have a grade dispute for an HNRS or HNRT class, you will submit this form for review. If your grade dispute is for an H section, you will need to contact the home department for the course. We recommend consulting an advisor.

Official complaint process


The Honors College seeks to provide the best academic experience possible for all students.  Occasionally, however, a problem may arise.  The purpose of this policy is to provide a mechanism for students to express concerns and complaints without fear of retaliation.    


This policy applies to all aspects of the Honors College except those explicitly covered through other college or university policies and procedures, including but not limited to HNRS/HNRT grade appeals, termination from the Honors College, discrimination, or Honor Code violations.  


In general, a student who encounters a problem should first attempt to work out the problem with the individual or office in question.  If, however, a resolution cannot be established, or if the specific nature of the problem makes that difficult, then the student may file a formal complaint. 

To file a formal complaint, the student must submit a complaint form.

Complaints will be reviewed by the Associate Dean, who will investigate as the particular situation warrants, and will determine an appropriate resolution in consultation with the Dean.  The complainant will receive an email within one week with an initial estimation (subject to change) of the amount of time that investigation will require given the circumstances.   

Complaints may not be submitted anonymously but will be kept strictly confidential.


This policy will be reviewed annually.