Partner With Us

Partner With Us

The Honors College's top priority is positioning our students for success. Business, government, nonprofit, and internal university partners are invited to connect with our outstanding and dedicated undergraduates, and help shape tomorrow's leaders.

Robinson Professor Paul D'Andrea greets students at the Build a Burger event

Honors College students are building a better community through local partnerships.

Our partnerships use student research and creativity to help local partners understand challenges and solve problems. Put teams of our talented students to work to make your organization's project a reality. Collaborations should:

  • Focus on long-term projects or challenges rather than everyday operational tasks.
  • Involve a research or creative component.
  • Have the support of at least one employee from the business or organization. That person will work with the student team from start to finish
  • Produce a product or solution that's valuable both to the student team and the partner.