Honors College Connects

Contributing to Local Nonprofits, Gaining Valuable Professional Experience

Through collaborative community projects in HNRS 261 and student driven leadership, Honors College Connects students build professional skills while making a real impact in the community beyond Mason.

Honors College Connects develops civic-minded graduates that are well prepared for the workforce. All students enter the HCC program by participating in the HNRS 261 Honors College Connects class. Enacting human-centered design practices, multidisciplinary teams of students support local nonprofits that address a range of social issues impacting the community, including health, social justice, environmental sustainability, and more. Our HNRS 261 students provide community partners valuable insights and services that make an impact.

Honors College Connects is open to students in their second semester and later. To ensure a positive experience, participation in Honors College Connects is limited to accepted applicants who demonstrate a passion for creating change in the local community. Application for the Fall 2022 semester will open 1 week prior to registration. For information about how you can engage with Honors College Connects, email hcc@gmu.edu.

Honors College Connects tri-tiered approach: HNRS 261 Nonprofit Projects, Local Executive Officers, HCC Student Fellowship.