Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors strive to assist students in transitioning into college. Providing timely, encouraging, and practical advice

Honors College peer mentors help guide first-year students as they conduct research during their HNRS-110 class. They not only serve as a useful academic resource for those who need it, but also aim to make the transition to college as stress-free as possible. Peer Mentors provide one-on-one support using inquiry-based mentoring to help students find different answers to their questions. If you have a question about your research project, or need tips and guidance in studying for a final, you'll have someone to provide timely, encouraging, and practical advice.

Alycia George

Hello! I am Alycia George, a sophomore pursuing a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Work with a Minor in Criminology, Law, & Society. I aspire to be a Social Justice Lawyer and to one day work in the Intelligence Community. Here at Mason, I am a part of organizations that are geared towards facilitating and implementing change on campus and in the surrounding area: GMU NAACP Ambassador, Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, Intelligence Community Network, Vice President of Lambda Sigma National Honor Society, and my favorite an Honors 110 Peer Mentor. My love of service-learning led me to become a Peer Mentor. It’s a privilege to work with first-year Honors College students and support them from beginning to end in the research process. I look forward to helping my mentees have the best possible experience in starting Honors 110.

Victoria Ghanma


Victoria Ghanma is a junior majoring in Neuroscience. Ghanma is an EMT with her local fire and rescue station. She has a passion for teaching, and tutors underprivileged students from diverse backgrounds. During her leisure moments, she finds solace and fulfillment in staying active and participating in athletic activities.

Naman Gurudatha


Naman Gurudatha is a driven finance major in his junior year, expected to graduate in May 2024. He's a talented polyglot with a passion for chess, violin, and running. Embracing the role of a peer mentor, Naman recognizes the immense value it brings to personal growth.

Gurtej Matharoo


Gurtej Matharoo is a rising junior majoring in neuroscience. He likes to go on runs and play basketball in his free time. Matharoo is interested in a career in healthcare and is currently involved in research at Mason. He loves to share his passion for neuroscience with others.

Satchi Moskowitz

Satchi Han Moskowitz

Satchi Moskowitz is a rising senior in the GMU Honors College pursuing a major in Computer Engineering. He has interests spanning a wide variety of subjects including music, biology and video editing. He enjoys reading and making YouTube videos in his spare time, including one he is currently aiming to submit to a collab.

Oishee Mukhopadhyaya


Oishee Mukhopadhyaya is an honors college undergraduate majoring in Business Management and minoring in Economics. Alongside college, Oishee also balances work as a Bengali interpreter, a tutor, a management trainee for a court agency, and a research intern for the Institute of Immigration Research.



Nikolas Zabrovskiy, a driven and passionate individual, constantly seeks opportunities for growth and excellence. With a sharp intellect and unwavering determination, he embraces challenges and adapts effortlessly.

Gaurav Sehgal


Gaurav Sehgal, a Computer Science major at George Mason University, is currently in his senior year. He serves as the Webmaster for the Honors College Communication team and holds the position of Co-president in the pre-medical society. His interest lies in exploring the intersection of medicine and computer science.

Muhammad H. Shah


Hasan Shah is an excited and passionate mentor with the Honors College. He is a junior majoring in the Neuroscience program and in the pre-med tract. From his experiences in the scientific field, he has been exposed to a plethora of scientific research articles, developed a deep understanding of the scientific process, and obtained skills in scientific writing. Outside of academics, he is an EMT-B provider with the Loudoun Combined Fire and Rescue System and an Emergency Room technician with Sentara Lake Ridge Hospital. From these experiences, he has developed empathy for others and gained new insights into people's social and cultural backgrounds from these experiences.

Shah takes his experiences and skills from the Neuroscience major and previous work experience and applies them as a peer mentor. As a mentor, Shah hopes to help other students develop their research skills, help promote their understanding of other perspectives, and aid them in their future academic careers. Shah also looks forward to working with the multi-disciplinary perspectives of other students. He hopes to help foster the next generation of researchers who will progress the field of knowledge and progress.

Taylor Watson


Taylor Watson is a 20 year old student from Arizona who is going into her senior year as a biology major with a concentration in biopsychology with plans on going to medical school to become a doctor. She is a swim teacher, apart of two organizations on campus, and loves animals, reading, writing, and yoga.