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Desmond Moffitt

2017, Honors College


The Honors College is developing our community’s future leaders and innovators. Desmond Moffitt is a prime example of how your academic ambitions can be fully realized at Mason.

Like many Honors College students, Desmond has created a lasting impact on campus. He has helped found two student organizations, MasonU and Honors College Black Ambition, while juggling a major in European History and a minor in Dance.

These student organizations are focused on empowering those often ignored or undervalued by our educational system. Through his leadership and example, Desmond is impacting the lives of his fellow students and wider community.

Desmond's passion for education reform and public service is being fulfilled through the Honors College support system and curriculum.

"The Honors College continues to equip me with the skills necessary to battle our ever growing achievement gap in education. To find resolutions to this issue requires multiplicative perspectives, be it international, domestic, or multidisciplinary," said Desmond.

In addition to his heavy social and academic load, Desmond has interned with a U.S. Congressman, studied abroad and received several public affairs fellowships from prestigious institutions.

He will leave the Honors College with a lasting legacy and bright future.