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Suzanne Hewitt

2017, Honors College


When Suzy Hewitt (Class of 2017) thinks about her future, she has her eyes toward the sky. Suzy's fascination with stars and space travel led her to pursue a degree in astronomy at Mason. The Honors College’s close proximity to Washington D.C. gave her the opportunity to intern at the world renowned Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

Suzy credits the Honors College with opening her mind to the possibility of a career in her passion field, saying, “The Honors College provides countless opportunities for its students to gain real world experience in their field, and for me that includes being able to intern at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Udvar-Hazy Center.”

This internship allows Suzy to teach museum visitors about the riveting aspects of space travel, all while being surrounded by gigantic space shuttles and other interstellar gadgets.

Her time at the Honors College gave Suzy a foundation of critical thinking skills to look at the world from multiple perspectives. This worldview, as well as the condensed Honors curriculum, allowed her to pursue an additional degree to compliment her astronomy studies.

“The varied Honors College courses also inspired me to expand my academic horizons and adopt a minor in Women in Gender Studies, which I hope to combine with my major to help empower women pursuing careers in STEM like myself,” said Suzy.

When Suzy isn’t working at the museum she is encouraging local youth to consider attending college. Suzy is a founding member of MasonU, a student organization that gives campus tours to K-12 students from underserved communities.

Honors College students like Suzy are not only pushing the boundaries of their own careers, but also making sure future generations benefit from the educational opportunities at Mason.