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Christopher Fernandez

2017, Honors College


From the labs at the Smithsonian National Zoo to the tropical rain forests of Costa Rica, the research opportunities for Honors College students are limitless. Christopher Fernandez (Class of 2017) has taken advantages of these opportunities to travel the world, conducting groundbreaking research in the field.

Christopher credits his time at the Honors College for preparing him to pursue his academic passions.

“I felt that the classroom structure—small class size, very interactive and engaging topics and instructors—pushed me to develop skills I couldn’t exercise in the large lecture halls,” said Christopher.

Recently, Christopher has been doing research under a National Science Foundation grant, collecting data on climate impacts to ground nesting birds in Costa Rica. In addition to this project, Christopher has worked on a project dating tree rings in the Klamath Mountains with the Smithsonian Institute anda project studying song bird adaptions with the Luther Lab on campus.

Due to his outstanding undergraduate research, Christopher was the recipient of the prestigious Udall Scholarship. This award is given to outstanding students for leadership, public service, and commitment to issues related to American Indian nations or to the environment.

“My experience in the Honors College has prepared me to think critically, communicate effectively, and openly consider multiple angles and utilize manifold strategies,” said Christopher.