Student Advisory Board

The Honors College Student Advisory Board's mission is to enrich the Honors College community and foster stronger relationships within the institution.

The Honors College Student Advisory Board (HCSAB) strengths the relationships between students and faculty members of the Honors College community. It provides advisory feedback about the desires and expectations of the students, communicates these ideas with faculty, and connects students with opportunities and resources available from the Honors College. The HCSAB also creates fun and interactive events that connect members of the Honors College with each other in order to de-stress and establish relationships between board members and other students. The board provides students with chances to learn more about the expectations, procedures, and content of Honors College classes. Finally, the board helps students engage more robustly with the Honors College by striving to implement changes that students want to see and promote further growth and development of the Honors College community.

Taye Folk

Taye Folk

Taye is a Senior majoring in Criminology, Law, and Sociology with a concentration in Homeland Security and minors in Intelligence Analysis and Geographic Information Sciences. She is an active member in the Honors College and is extremely passionate about helping others by learning about different backgrounds, cultures, and languages. Folk joined the Honors College Student Advisory Board in hopes of connecting with Honors College students and to help provide a platform for their voices to be elevated, respected, and impactful. She loves meeting new people and playing in the Green Machine, so make sure to say hello or help guide her away from the alluring trap of books in a mysterious place known as Fenwick.

Dhuha Baig

Dhuah Baig

Dhuha Baig is a senior at pursuing a BA in Government and International Politics and a minor in Social Innovation. Her interest in politics began in the SCHAR school where she operated as a research assistant under a project that mapped domestic and international actors and their influences over policymaking. She currently serves on the GMU Student Executive Branch as the Undersecretary of Local Government and Community Relations in addition to her board member position on the Honors College Student Advisory Board. Outside of school, Dhuha completed various advocacy, public policy, and public administration internships in Capitol Hill, United States Senate, and the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor. Her areas of interest include diplomacy, civic engagement, social innovation, inter-religious dialogue, and community building, grassroots initiatives.

Minhyuk Ko

Min Ko

Minhyuk is a Sophomore majoring in Computer Science. As an immigrant, he is passionate about meeting new people from diverse backgrounds, and that was one of the reasons why he was excited to attend Mason. He is passionate about helping Mason students find their community. This summer, he served as a STEP Peer Mentor, helping first-generation college students transition to college. Currently, he is a Teaching Assistant in Computer Science and Webmaster in F1rst Gen Mason. Although he won't be on campus this fall, he is looking forward to connecting Honors College students and faculty virtually.

Breana Alsworth

Breana Alsworth

Breana is a Junior majoring in Community Health with a minor in International Security, hoping to pursue a career in Field Epidemiology. In this pursuit, she has completed health initiatives, geared at educating youth in developing countries on different infectious diseases, specifically HIV/AIDS, to help prevent, treat, and reduce the stigma against the disease. She is hoping to apply skills learned through years of interning in Infectious Disease units, communicating with and helping patients, to her position on the Honors College Student Advisory Board. She cares deeply about advocating for the desires of the students and ensuring that George Mason University is a place that is representative of all voices from a variety of backgrounds with different styles of learning, interests, and goals for the future. The influence of these ideas are instrumental in creating an environment that fosters development. With a passion for connecting with people, Breana hopes to facilitate active discussions and implement changes to ensure that George Mason University and the Honors College are serving the students to the best of their ability.

Ghaaliyah Brown

Ghaaliyah Brown

Ghaaliyah Brown is a sophomore at George Mason University pursuing a Bachelor of Science. Her local community has fostered her penchant for advocacy, public service and community engagement. As a volunteer tutor, she has strived to utilize her skills as a source of empowerment for the youth in Fairfax County. She served as the president of her high school’s Girls Learn International chapter where she gained valuable experience in advocacy, public outreach, and project management. At Mason, she enjoys serving on the oversight committee for the COVID-19 Student Service Corps and her involvement in the Muslim Student Association and the Mason Environmental Justice Association. The Honors College community is a place of diversity, inclusivity, support, and innovation of which she feels privileged to be a part. She is excited to help implement positive change, so the Honors College community continues to be a source of enrichment for its members and the wider Mason community.

Shruti Sekar

Portrait of Shruti Sekar

Shruti Sekar is a freshman pursuing a BS in Computer Science in the Volgenau School of Engineering. Her love of math began in elementary school and she started learning coding in high school. She hopes to learn more about computer science to venture into a career with robotics and A.I. In high school, she successfully completed the IB Diploma Program and became a co-leader of Social Studies Honors Society.

She currently is a member of the Student Senate in DAMA and Academics in addition to the Honors College Student Advisory Board.

Shruti hopes to bring a different perspective to the Honors College, to increase student interaction and community, and to solicit feedback from Honors College students that HCSAB can use to develop constructive recommendations about how Honors College faculty and administration can continue to improve the Honors College experience.

In her free time, Shruti enjoys writing, playing video games, and painting.

Fatima Rafie

Portrait of Fatima Rafie

Fatima is a Freshman Chemistry major with a concentration in Biochemistry and a minor in Philosophy. In her free time she likes to read, create art, and practice Taekwondo. Fatima also dedicates her time to volunteering in her local community. She is an active volunteer at a local food shelter as well as at her local mosque. As a member of the honors college student advisory board, Fatima hopes to promote diversity and the inclusion, in order to reflect Mason’s diverse student body. Additionally, Fatima hopes to create a community of support within the Honors College, where students are able to help one another in making both the Honors College and George Mason University as a whole a better and more accepting space.