Faculty and Staff

  • Portrait of Jan Allbeck

    Associate Dean, Honors College
    Associate Professor, Computer Science, Volgenau

    Dr. Jan Allbeck is the Associate Dean of the Honors College. Her areas of research in Computer Science include artificial intelligence, computer games technology, and computer graphics.
  • Portrait of Dean Zofia Burr

    Dean, Honors College

    Dr. Zofia Burr is the founding dean of Mason's Honors College. She is a poet and has researched African American literature and the reception of modern American poetry.
  • Faculty, Honors College

    Honors College Term Faculty member Nadeen Makhlouf brings her expertise in public administration, collaboration, and organizational capacity to classes on public service and public-private partnerships.
  • Portrait of Brendan Scott

    Academic Advisor, Honors College

    Brendan Scott is an academic advisor in the Honors College. He has previously worked as an academic advisor for the School of Business and has internships and assistantships in higher education admissions, recruitment, and student services. 
  • Portrait of Blake Silver

    Director of Data Analytics & Assessment, Honors College

    Assistant Professor, Sociology and Anthropology

    Dr. Blake Silver collects and analyzes data to enable the Honors College to fulfill its mission. His research in Sociology focuses on higher education, inequality and mobility, second-generation immigrant studies, and the transition to adulthood.
  • Richard Todd Stafford teaching

    Director of Communications, Honors College


    cultural studies of science and technology; climate change and culture; culture and political economy