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In the Honors College, we value and encourage encounters between people with differing perspectives. Our students, alumni, and faculty embody the diversity of viewpoints and approaches that characterize our multidisciplinary learning community.

Who We Are

The Mason Honors College is a community of:

  • highly motivated students.
  • faculty drawn from all disciplines.
  • alumni who are transforming their communities.
  • business partners who facilitate connections in the community.

Our students:

  • win prestigious fellowships.
  • earn high-profile internships.
  • organize major service projects.
  • conduct meaningful research.
  • study abroad.

Honors College students participate in a range of activities, both on campus and in our larger community, and have been instrumental in the creation of many student organizations such as:

Faculty From All Fields

Our classes are taught by faculty from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds, many of whom are leaders in their fields. 

Many of our courses are limited in size and are taught exclusively to Honors College students by our Clarence J. Robinson Professors:

  • Pulitzer prize winning journalist Steven Pearlstein's classes on politics and contemporary reportage
  • Peabody Award winning filmmaker Carma Hinton's classes on Chinese culture and film
  • Scholar John Paden's classes on Chinese and Nigerian politics
  • Author and physicist James Trefil's classes on technology and science.
  • Former Assistant Attorney General Laurie Robinson's classes on criminology and society
  • Playwright Paul D'Andrea's classes on literature
  • Former director of the National Museum of American History Spencer Crew's classes on history
  • Former Guggenheim fellow Shaul Bakhash's seminars of dictatorship and dissent