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Living and Learning Community Coordinator Telecia Taylor speaks on the occasion of the Honors College's tenth anniversary

February 27, 2020

What are your favorite aspects of the Honors College?

I like that the program challenges our students outside their major classes. In the Honors classes, students are able to connect real world experiences to academics whether that's through research or [by exploring] a topic area.


How does the Honors LLC add to the Honors community as a whole?

The LLC provides a space for the residential Honors students to create a family atmosphere away from home. The programs hosted help to connect the students across the first-year and upper-level LLCs.


What has been your favorite part about the Honors LLC this year?

My favorite part has been connecting with students during our programs. From riding the metro into D.C. to making relaxation jars, those moments have been priceless!


Honors College students talk about being inspired by the Honors College and the faculty. What about the students inspire you?

Each student has a story and when I have the opportunity to hear one of those stories, I am truly grateful. I am inspired by their determination to overcome obstacles in order to have a positive contribution to the world.


What is one thing about you that may surprise people?

I love a good science fiction movie/TV show.