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Congratulations Winter Honors College Graduates

December 19, 2018

Fall 2018 Honors College Graduate Spotlight

“Once a Patriot, always a Patriot. We’ll have your back,” says Honors College alum Mr. Christopher Preston (’96), who gave the alumni message at the Fall 2018 Honors College Graduation Reception, while slideshows of graduates’ memories from Mason flittered across the screens.

Honors College graduates enjoyed Wednesday evening with their families, reflecting on their accomplishments and celebrating the future.  While eating refreshments with their families and faculty, the graduates tuned in to the advice of Dean Zofia Burr, Provost S. David Wu and guest speaker and alum Christopher Preston.

Like many of our Fall 2018 graduates, Mr. Preston reflects positively on having Dr. LaNitra Berger as a professor during his undergraduate years.  “She told me in class one day: ‘When you leave this house, you represent this family.’,” says Mr. Preston of Dr. Berger.

In spirit of Honors College pride, Provost Wu emphasized that the Honors College is constructed in a different way than other institutions. “We never accept the status quo,” affirmed Wu.  “We select our students by motivation: to serve their community, to try different things, to go above and beyond.”

Burr urged the students to be proud of their accomplishments, noting the variety of leadership roles, service and volunteer work, internships, research projects and other endeavors taken on by the 64 Honors College graduates in the Fall 2018 class.

Some students have mixed feelings about graduating, since they get to move on to new opportunities, but will be leaving many of the friends. “I’ll miss being surrounded by professors who truly care about my education and will go out of their way to make sure I get the most out of it,” said Marsh Palin, a public administration major who is graduating this semester. Palin loved how motivated his peers were in the Honors College and enjoyed studying under esteemed professors in the smaller classroom settings.  “Learning became a team effort,” added Palin. 

The Honors College wishes to congratulate our Winter 2018 graduates:

Mathew Jones
Sophie Heeden
Liana Shivers
Sarah Beavers
Olivia Beyer
Emelia Bleker
Erik Carey
Breanne Clippinger
Suria Dauod
Julian Dorsey
Amanda Douillette
Annelise Ebbert
Sean Friedman
Susmita Gautam
Amani Greene
Jacob Hall
Hannah Hinton
Anna Johnson
Katriina Juntunen
Genevieve Keillor
George Kountouris
Cameron Kraatz
Quinton Lautz
Phillip Marsengill
Celeste McKenzie
Katherine Merkoulov
Ahmad Mohammed
Wajma Naderi
Anthony Nguyen
Amethyst Osborne
Marsh Palin
Samuel Petto
Namra Qureshi
Tirth Rami
Ashlyn Rock
Kelsey Rogers
Allie Royce
Sonali Sharma
Sandra Simon
Maryam Sinanovic
Vanessa Smart
Kyle Stanley
Molly Thomson
Phoi Tran
Huu Vu
Alexandria Wade
Firas Wahdan
Jessica Washington
Evan Cypher
Alexander Geyer
Edward Giller
Tristan Gilligan
Ignatius Idio
Emily Kabban
Antoinette Le
Brenda Nguonly
Erin Phillips
Kristianne Rulona
Justin Schaare
Faysal Shaikh
Elizabeth Skelton
George Toms
Emily Vaughan
Amna Waseem

Original reporting by Jimmy O'Hara and Zaria Talley. Photography by Leah Antler.