Honors College's Tahmina Rahman Recognized with V. Ann Lewis Academic Advisor of the Year Award


Congratulations to Tahmina Rahman, Honors College Advisor, for being the recipient of this year’s V. Ann Lewis Academic Advisor of the Year Award!

Portrait of Tahmina Rahman

In its 17th year, this award is designed to recognize excellence in undergraduate academic advising.


Honors College advisor Tahmina Rahman was recognized after receiving a remarkable 50 unique student nominations, reflecting the appreciation that her service and commitment to students has generated. Tahmina Rahman advises most Honors College students who are majoring in the College of Science and is well known for going above-and-beyond to support all of the students with whom she works. 


The V. Ann Lewis Academic Advisor of the Year Award includes a stipend, gift package, and the title of Academic Advisor of the Year.


Ms. Rahman received this award for:


  • Demonstrating a caring, helpful attitude toward students;
  • Providing accurate information regarding university academic requirements;
  • Being available to students;
  • Creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for all students;
  • Making appropriate referrals;
  • Having a firm knowledge of Mason regulations, policies, and procedures; and
  • Supporting student development.



Ms. Rahman has always been extremely helpful and knowledgeable when helping me figure out what classes to take, but she also is a valuable resource for finding extra opportunities such as research or further education applications, which she has provided me with every single time we've met. I'm also a student-athlete, which she understands and takes into account when I talk about wanting to design my schedule around practice times as well as having heavier loads in the spring. She was also not fazed when I told her over halfway through my sophomore year that I wanted to add a whole new major, and she's helped me make sure I can graduate on time with both degrees. She is also just a very kind and understanding person, and I really wish she was a professor so I could take her class. The thing that stands out about her to me is how attentive she is: she remembers everything I tell her about what classes I want/need to take, what I'm interested in pursuing, and anything else that happens to come up. She's never steered me wrong, and I think I am definitely lucky to have had her as my advisor.

Hannah Milikich

Tahmina Rahman is an excellent advisor. She cares deeply for the well-being and success of all of the students she advises. In my personal opinion, she has an exceptionally difficult challenge in managing all of the panicky pre-health, Honors College, science majors, such as myself. And it is a challenge that she rises to and conquers with grace.

Anonymous student

Ms. Tahmina Rahman has honestly been such a source of comfort in these uncomfortable times. Throughout my time at Mason, I have met with several advisors, some of which have been more helpful than others. Ms. Rahman has undoubtedly stood out as the most knowledgeable, helpful, and genuinely caring for her students. Sometimes, I'd feel that the effort needed for my advisors to see my concerns and help me come up with a viable solution was more nerve-wrecking than it was helpful. In stark contrast, Ms. Rahman has been able to identify problems that I wouldn't have initially accounted for and has helped me through them meticulously. When faced with a complicated issue, lengthy request, or complex question, Ms. Tahmina has been my go-to. She is always ready to go above and beyond, and she has the expertise to back it up. I recommend Ms. Tahmina Rahman for the Academic Advisor of the Year Award without reservation.

Malek Salhab

My advisor should win the academic advisor award for many reasons! She has continuously been a supporting system for me as she always motivates me and pushes me to do my best. She always reaches out to me and makes sure that I am doing well, in addition to sending me information and numerous opportunities that I may be interested in. Most importantly, she truly listens to what I am saying. She remembers the little details and anecdotes I tell her about many months later. She encourages me to be my best self both in the classroom and out. I am honored to be nominating my personal favorite advisor - Mrs. Rahman.

Anonymous student

Mrs. Rahman is my Honors College Academic advisor, but outside of the honors college she has been so helpful with classes, interests outside of the university, and overall just helping me to adjust to my first year of college. When I have had conversations via email with her she is always doing more than what is required of her and the resources she provides for students are very useful! Even with issues in my major she has been a big help and is someone I know that I can rely on when it comes to my college experience!

Reagan Marrale

I believe Tahmina Rahman is an exemplary Academic Advisor and has supported me ever since she started serving as an advisor for the Honors College at Mason. She is very professional and knowledgeable as well as being personable and genuinely caring for the success of her students. I was going through a difficult time my Sophomore year, but Tahmina offered her support and helped me through it. I know she has done the same for the hundreds of students who have met with her. It is with great pleasure that I nominate Tahmina Rahman as the Academic Advisor of the Year and I hope the committee will be able to recognize her amazing work at Mason.

Sahar Rizwan

I first met Tahmina in my Spring Semester of 2019 as a Freshman. I believe it was also her first semester then as well in her role as an Academic Advisor for Science Majors within the Honors College. Tahmina has always sought to offer the best she can to her students, working diligently to ensure our needs are met. She has been there to support me through my journey here at Mason, and has simply been a vital role to my success as a student. She offers support and encouragement in many ways, and I have never left an appointment with her feeling confused, worried, or concerned about my semesters ahead. Rather, I leave feeling secure, supported, and encouraged. I'm blessed that in my third year as a Mason student, we have both learned and grown.

Sean Diment

Tahmina has been an immense help for me since my freshman year at Mason. She's been an invaluable resource in getting me on track with my classes. She has answered all of my questions thoroughly and, most importantly, accurately. She's genuine and also looks out for what opportunities there are for me, and I honestly don't know where I'd be without her.

Anonymous student

Tahmina has helped me so much this year, especially as a freshman in time of chaos. Summer of last year I was very confused as to what classes I needed to take in order to be in the right direction for my major. We emailed back and forth and set up a time in which she was very helpful in helping me create a schedule for fall. Throughout the semester we continued to be in contact and recently, she informed me about a summer program regarding medical school and networking. As a freshman, I feel like she has helped me so much in such little time and every time we talk, she makes me feel more secure in the steps and classes I'm taking towards my major. She is a kind and understanding person and I honestly would have been even more lost and confused this first year of college without her.

Lesley Garay Reyes

Ms. Rahman is truly a gem and I am honored to have been acquainted with her since my Freshman year. She was there with me, every step of the way through my pre-med journey, and as I was selected for an early selection medical school program. She helped me get in touch with fellow Honors College students who share the same interests as me, and who helped serve as a guide as I navigated difficult upper level science coursework. Not only does she respond to each and every communication, she also remembers her students, follows up with them, and checks in on them every semester. She is truly an asset to the Honors College and Mason!

Anonymous student

I was extremely nervous and intimidated entering Mason as a freshman, and Ms. Rahman eased a lot of the tension away by sitting with me through multiple meetings and patiently explaining potential academic routes available to me as well as any opportunities available that are unique to my major. She is very knowledgeable about the College of Science and if there was a question I posed that she was unsure of, she made sure to connect me to appropriate faculty and followed up to ensure that my concerns were addressed. Additionally, she always sends follow-up emails during the semester to check in with students and is a great help in regards to planning out my schedule for future semesters to balance all of my major requirements and any additional classes I want to take. Ms. Rahman is my first point of contact about any academic or personal needs, and I think she is extremely deserving for the Academic Advisor of the Year Award due to her diligence in reaching out to students and connecting with them despite the mostly virtual format.

Shams Al Jassar

Coming into college, I was clueless on how things worked and how to access resources. Ms. Rahman has been more than helpful. Not only has she helped me to get my classes situated, she has provided me with endless amounts of opportunities in the honors college and she has made sure things are going well with me. Last semester I had to drop out of my classes for very personal reasons and she made sure to continuously check up on me and she has been more than helpful in my transition back into school this semester. Considering how many students she has to interact with, it is really nice to have someone who cares and can connect with me on a personal level to help lead me to success.

Raven Griffin