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Honors College Supplementary Conference Funding

The Honors College accepts applications for supplemental travel funding to enable students who would otherwise not be able to present their work at a scholarly or professional conference to do so.

This funding supplements other grant or scholarship funding that you have already secured to attend a conference and present your work. For instance, scholarly and professional organizations often have travel funds that are available on a by-application basis and the Office of Student Scholarship, Creative Activities, and Research (OSCAR) offers the Undergraduate Student Travel Fund (USTF).

Funding is contingent on availability and the acceptance of your application by Honors College faculty.

Please provide your full name as you would prefer to be addressed.
Provide the title of your project as you expect it to appear in the conference schedule, at the top of a research poster, or on the first slide of a presentation slide deck.
Briefly describe the project that you will be presenting. For research projects, it generally makes the most sense to summarize the topic, describe your research question(s) and/or hypotheses, research methods, and findings. (250 words or fewer)
Please describe the context in which you have developed this project. For instance, if you worked on themes or topics related to the project in your coursework, please name the class and the professor. If you have formal or informal faculty mentorship, please describe who has helped you develop the project thus far and who is currently working with you. If you have received funding or other support for this project, for instance through the Office of Student Scholarship, Creative Activities, and Research (OSCAR) Undergraduate Research Scholars Program (URSP) or from some other source, please describe this here. (250 words or fewer)
Describe how attending this conference will help you advance your goals. (250 words or fewer)
Briefly describe who has already provided you funding for this conference travel (OSCAR, etc.) and how much they have provided. Then provide us a budget that makes clear what is covered and what is not covered by the funding you have already received.
What is the name of the conference you are attending?
Conferences are generally organized or sponsored by a scholarly or professional association. For instance, the NCUR conference is sponsored by the Council on Undergraduate Research. Sometimes conferences have the same name as the organization that organizes them. For instance, the NCHC conference is organized by the National Collegiate Honors Council.
On what dates will the conference be held? When possible, we encourage you to attend the whole conference, so you may benefit by hearing what others are working on.
Where is the conference being held?