Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors strive to assist students in transitioning into college. Providing timely, encouraging, and practical advice

Honors College peer mentors help guide first-year students as they conduct research during their HNRS-110 class. They not only serve as a useful academic resource for those who need it, but also aim to make the transition to college as stress-free as possible. Peer Mentors provide one-on-one support using inquiry-based mentoring to help students find different answers to their questions. If you have a question about your research project, or need tips and guidance in studying for a final, you'll have someone to provide timely, encouraging, and practical advice.

Likhitha Addagatla

Likhitha Addagatla Headshot

I’m Likhitha Addagatla and I’m a junior majoring in Cyber Security Engineering. I’m excited to be a peer mentor for the Honors College as I enjoy providing support in academic contexts, especially with research. Coming into college, I wanted to continue my research and inquiry journey that began in high school. I was engaged in a variety of projects such as the DNA barcoding of lichen, Arduino-based water quality monitoring, and my HNRS 110 project- adaptive pedagogy for Indian classical dance in modern contexts, which I presented at JMU’s Madrush Conference and Virginias Collegiate Honors Council Spring Conference. After serving as a peer mentor for students in the Early Identification Program last summer, I'm delighted to continue guiding students to improve their research skills and learn about the research process.

At Mason, I’m involved as a board member for TEDxGMU and Girls Who Code. I’m a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success along with being a part of Competitive Cyber at Mason. Outside of school, I’m an Indian classical dancer. My hobbies include bullet journaling and painting. I’m an avid reader and I’m always open to book recommendations!



Celine Apengteng

Celine Apengteng headshot

Hello! My name is Celine Apenteng and I am a sophomore majoring in Conflict Analysis and Resolution with a concentration in Global Engagement, and double minoring in Data Analysis and Intelligence Analysis. As a peer mentor for HNRS 110, I enjoy working with students who have a multitude of interests and an abundance of questions. In addition to the Honors College, I am part of the S-CAR college and have had a great time in the college so far. As a Mason student, I have involved myself in my fair share of organizations, which include Student Government, Mason Ambassadors, Model UN, and the Student Funding Board. All of which I truly do enjoy and highly recommend! I am also a part of Housing and Residence Life as a Community Assistant (CA). Aside from Mason, my hobbies include dancing, cooking, exploring, and watching an abundance of tv when my schedule allows. If anyone ever needs a movie buddy, I'm down for a movie night!

Kenneth Axelbank

Kenneth Axelbank Headshot

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”– Thomas A. Edison This quote is very meaningful to me because it is from the person who carried the name of my high school. I also love this quote because it is inspirational and makes me want to never give up and keep doing what I am doing even when things get hard. My name is Kenneth Axelbank and I am an HNRS 110 peer mentor! I decided to take the HNRS 261 class to become a peer mentor because I saw a chance to be able to try and help others. My goal as a peer mentor is to allow for the HNRS 110 students to succeed and understand everything they need in relation to their research and HNRS 110 class. I am a sophomore majoring in Biology and currently on a pre-med track. I am a part of the Honoring our Community organization at Mason where the goal is to cultivate an anti-racist culture at GMU. In the Honoring our Community organization, I am a co-facilitator where I assist in allowing for meaningful discussions to occur in a safe environment. I am involved in several volunteer organizations as well. I love playing sports and helping others out in any way I can. I also took HNRS 110 last fall, which clarifies what the end goal is for the HNRS 110 classes! "Happiness is a direction, not a place." -Sydney Harris 

Rebecca Boyd

Rebecca Boyd Headshot

Hello! My name is Becca (she/they) and I am a current undergraduate student in the Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution with a concentration in Justice and Reconciliation. I have experience in mentoring, conflict resolution, mediation, program development, and project planning. A large portion of my research and coursework throughout my time at Mason has been centered on the school to prison pipeline and ways that parental incarceration impacts children's development. I chose to become a Peer Mentor because HNRS 110 allowed me the freedom to explore several academic disciplines that eventually led me to my passion. This class also allowed me to explore concepts I was unfamiliar with in a safe space. I have found that many freshmen, myself included, become overwhelmed during their first year at Mason because there is so much that we have to relearn. I find joy in helping honors students recognize what they do not know and begin to explore the wealth of knowledge and resources available to us.

Upon graduation in May, I am looking forward to moving to Asheville and starting my career in youth development and diversion prior to pursuing my PhD!

Savannah Buckmaster

Savannah Buckmaster Headshot

Hey y’all! My name is Savannah Buckmaster and I am a peer mentor in the Honors College. The peer mentorship program allows for me to work with freshmen and help create a stronger community with the students I mentor. I am a junior majoring in Conflict Analysis and Resolution, with a concentration in Building Peace in Divided Societies. I am particularly interested in reconciliation between groups during and post-ethnic conflicts in Eastern Europe. I have had the opportunity to do a research fellowship where I worked with individuals from Kosovo to design programs for victims of these ethnic conflicts to find peace within their community. This project is something that I plan to work on as my senior capstone and hopefully progress on professionally after college. Outside of academics, I hold student leader positions within the Mason Ambassadors and the Catholic Campus Ministry. In addition, I am also a member of the Carter School Ambassadors. These student groups help me get more involved and working on personal goals and values.

Dylan Bui

Dylan Bui Headshot

College can be tough, and I want to help make it easier for students. I'm Dylan Bui, a senior majoring in Computer Science. I currently have 6 years of programming experience, and 5 years of mentorship experience, including a year of experience as a College of Engineering and Computing Peer Mentor. My hope is that I can use my experience to help the college experience be smoother and less stressful. As third year senior, I have plenty of experience with managing heavy course loads and I also have experience in drafting a proposal, performing, and presenting my own research as part of my Senior Research Lab in high school. I also have experience in applying for internships and working, so I can also provide students insight outside of the standard Honors 110 curriculum. I'm always happy to help out in any way that I can.

Katherine Camberg

Hi everyone! My name is Katherine Camberg, and I am a junior here at Mason. I am from Phoenix, Arizona, and am studying Global Affairs with a minor in German and a concentration in Russian Studies. On campus, I am involved with Mason Miracle and the Panhellenic Council.  I am super passionate about my on-campus involvement and love mentoring younger students. In my free time, I love to cook, hang out with friends, go to concerts, and go thrift shopping. I have had three internships in the past and would be happy to help with the internship search process.

Nina Davila-Paz

“Help! Can anyone help me?” you shouted into the universe.
I sure can! My name is Nina Davila-Paz and I am a junior at George Mason. My major is Health Administration with a concentration in Health Informatics. I am from the small town of Colonial Beach, VA located about 2 hours from Mason. One of my main goals in life is to help others and it is the main inspiration for my choice to become a Peer Mentor. One of my favorite things about being a Peer Mentor is just being able to be there for others. As a member of the Louis Stokes Minority Program and MakeNew GMU, I advocate for the assistance of others in any way I can. I am interested in data analysis, and I am currently learning SQL, Python and the Linux operating system. My hobbies include browsing social media, listening to music, and playing video games.

Jannah Elbash

I am Jannah Elbash, a Biology Major at George Mason University. Currently I am a junior set to graduate in 2023 with the hopes of going to medical school. My Honors 110 experience was both challenging and fulfilling and being a peer mentor gives me the same feeling. I researched the effects of perinatal exposure to famine on adult insulin resistance in the form of type II diabetes. My biology and research experience allows me to knowledgeably and patiently mentor students.

Madison Ellison-Potter

Madison Ellison-Potter Headshot

Hi everyone! My name is Madison Ellison-Potter and I am a sophomore majoring in psychology with a concentration in clinical psych. I hope to pursue clinical or counseling psychology after I graduate from GMU. I decided to take the HNRS 261 Peer Mentor class because I enjoy helping others with their academic goals and HNRS 110 was a class that was both challenging and rewarding. As a peer mentor, I hope to cultivate a positive learning environment for mentees in my section, as I know difficult HNRS 110 can be for some students.  Some of my activities at Mason include being a research assistant for a clinical psych lab, where I have expanded my knowledge on individual susceptibility to anxiety. Outside of college I am working towards becoming a volunteer EMT and firefighter, and in my free time I enjoy hiking and reading.  "If you put that effort in, you'll get what you want." - Kim Kardashian

Malia Fellenbaum

Malia Headshot

How do you market yourself to others? Your personality, characteristics, and talents? I have found that in order to be a good marketer, you have to be able to prove that you are worth it to employers and customers in order to sell a product or good. My name is Malia Fellenbaum and I am a marketing major with a minor in graphic design. I am in my junior year and am an inductee in the National Society of Leadership and Success as well as a mentor for Honors College Connects. I have a passion for figuring out why things sell and using that knowledge to better a company or organization. As well as marketing, I really enjoy the more creative aspects of advertising. I have painted since a young age and wanted to incorporate art into my career. I strive to be a creative director for an organization, combining both art and marketing. I am super excited to be a peer mentor and help my mentees succeed! 

Alycia George

Hello! I am Alycia George, a sophomore pursuing a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Work with a Minor in Criminology, Law, & Society. I aspire to be a Social Justice Lawyer and to one day work in the Intelligence Community. Here at Mason, I am a part of organizations that are geared towards facilitating and implementing change on campus and in the surrounding area: GMU NAACP Ambassador, Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, Intelligence Community Network, Vice President of Lambda Sigma National Honor Society, and my favorite an Honors 110 Peer Mentor. My love of service-learning led me to become a Peer Mentor. It’s a privilege to work with first-year Honors College students and support them from beginning to end in the research process. I look forward to helping my mentees have the best possible experience in starting Honors 110.

Jordan Hassani

Jordan Hassani Headshot

"To be, or not to be, that is the question". While Shakespeare is known for writing tragedies, I prefer to interpret these words as saying that it is our choice whether we accomplish something, or not. Whether it is something as great as graduating college or simply waking up on a Monday morning, we all have to make a choice in what we do, which in its simplest form, boils down to anything being possible, if we make it possible. 

I’m Jordan, a junior majoring in Psychology with a concentration in Forensic Psychology and minors in Criminology and Arabic. I am halfway through the psychology honors program and have URSP funding from the university to pursue my honors proposal. I’m an active member of the CHSS Student Ambassadors and spend most of my time playing computer games or doing research. I dislike doing work during the school day, so you’ll likely find me in the JC at night reading manuscripts or catching up on other work.  

The biggest wall I hit when I was a Freshman trying to get into research, was not knowing who to connect with to get my foot in the door. It can be difficult getting into research as a Freshman, as professors are hesitant to invest resources and time into a student that is likely indecisive and unproven (as most Freshman are). For this reason, I try to help research aspiring HNRS 110 students get their foot in the door by helping them connect with professors in fields that are relevant to their interests. I also enjoy helping HNRS 110 students with their research proposals and utilizing my years of research experience to hopefully assist mentees in producing the best proposals possible.

Carolyn Grace Holland

Carolyn Grace Holland

My name is Carolyn Grace Holland, and I’m an electrical engineering major at George Mason University. I’m in my third year, but it’s probably going to take me five years to graduate. I’m both a peer mentor with the honors college and a peer mentor for STEM, and I’m also the Financial Captain of Hypernova Solar. I’ve also worked as a camp counselor for Camp Longhorn. I’m originally from Texas – go longhorns! – and I’ve really enjoyed seeing how different things are up here compared to there. I really enjoyed my honors 110 class, and I hope that I’ll be able to help this semester’s students to be able to both do well in the class and see all the different avenues that research can take.

Silanur Inanoglu

Silanur Inanoglu Headshot

Hi everyone! My name is Silanur Inanoglu and I am one of the peer mentors for this semester’s Honors 110 course. I am currently a third-year pre-medical student pursuing a Neuroscience B.S. at Mason. Although this is my first time as a peer mentor for the Honors college, I have experience volunteering with elementary and middle school students for competitions such as Science Olympiad and Math Counts, and really enjoy working with younger students and kids. When I’m not studying for my classes or working on optogenetics research at the Krasnow Institute, I really love reading! In addition to my interest in neuroscience and medicine, I am really passionate about the history and cultures of West and Central Asia. I am also currently volunteering at the Language Documentation Lab at GMU to work towards the revitalization of endangered and undocumented languages. As a peer mentor, I hope to provide as much guidance as possible to my mentees, while also fostering a friendly and comfortable environment for the students.

Nick Jacobs

Hey guys! My name is Nick Jacobs. I'm a junior here at GMU, and I actually just undeclared my major, with the intent of switching to Information technology. As for about me: I love programming, as well as computer hardware. Something about putting together a final product, whether it be a program, or a computer, makes me really happy. I'm fairly well versed in computers, so if any IT help is needed, I'm your guy. I used to be a Cyber Security major, but then I realized I needed to follow what I enjoy, so I chose a major (IT) that allows me to pursue more what I enjoy, rather than being stuck in a niche field. Outside of school, I love to longboard, play video games, and read books. If any of you reading this ever revisit the Percy Jackson series even though we are all far past that reading level, you know what's up. I grew up in a Chicago suburb, but moved out here to Northern VA when I was in 7th grade, and have lived here since. I currently live in an apartment just outside campus, and have to suffer through the patriot circle traffic on a daily basis.

Shireen Jamal

Hey! My name is Shireen Jamal and I’m a current sophomore at Mason majoring in biology, with a voice minor. Two totally different things, right? Ever since I could walk, I would chase after dogs I saw on the street while begging the owners to let me play with them. By that time, I knew I had a strong desire to become a vet and work with animals to give them a better life. Another thing I love to do is making music and singing. On campus, I’m part of GMU’s all-woman acapella group, Noteworthy, and we’re all looking forward to perform for Mason in the upcoming months.

I’m honored to be one of your peer mentors and I hope students understand that they have a safe space here and shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help or guidance whenever they need it. I remember being a freshman when the pandemic hit in 2020, and the transition to college was extremely overwhelming and stressful. But the PM’s helped me feel reassured and overall made everything so much easier for me. I’m looking forward to strengthening my leadership and communication skills while being a peer mentor, as well as becoming more active in the community and helping honors students navigate through Honors 110 and to feel confident about themselves and their abilities.

Elizabeth Kwari

Hello! My name is Elizabeth Kwari and I am one of the Peer Mentors for the Fall 2021 semester. I am currently a sophomore attending George Mason University, majoring in Electrical Engineering, and I am also a part of the Honors College. For my future academic goals, I am hoping to continue to a Master’s in my current degree, but also pursue a Master’s in Cybersecurity as well. In my free time, I enjoy watching anime, reading fiction/fantasy novels, and drawing.


My main reason for becoming a PM lies in the fact that I felt it was a good way to improve on my social skills while at the same time supporting someone else in their pursuit of academic excellence. Everyone in the Honors College is required to take HNRS 110, and that included myself as well. And, I can understand how the idea of research can be daunting. Afterall, not only did I take HNRS 110, but I also took AP Research during my Senior year of high school. I can definitely say that I struggled while taking AP Research, but because of the support of my teacher and the encouragement of my peers, I was able to get through the class and come out with a decent research paper.


Because of this experience, when entering HNRS 110, I felt that I was better prepared for the class compared to most of my peers. But, when I did have questions, I felt that my class’s PM was a great resource because they had already done and experienced the class as well. Furthermore, I also enjoy reading and writing my own stories. And, while they may not all be academic papers, I feel like these experiences have definitely broadened my horizons in terms of writing and editing papers. Overall, I believe that the position of a PM is there to help students who are unsure about what to do, and may simply be overwhelmed by their first semester in college. I, along with all the other PMs, hope that with our help and guidance, we are able to make the transition into college much smoother and allow for the students’ first HNRS course at GMU to be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.


Drake Leach

Drake Leach Headshot

Hi! My name is Drake Leach, I use he/him pronouns, and I’m a senior Musical Theatre major at George Mason University! As a peer mentor, I’m ecstatic to help students discover the joy of learning and expanding their skill sets during their first year of college. In my time here at Mason, I’ve been fortunate enough to present HNRS 110 research at honors college events, aid as a member of the Mason Players student board, and even work with non-profit organizations through the Honors College Connects program. In my theatre career, I’ve been able to teach high school theatre, perform in shows professionally and at the collegiate level, and help facilitate a Broadway education program led by Tony nominee Betsy Wolfe. After college I’m hoping to end up in New York City as an actor, singer, and dancer; and I truly cannot wait for that New York pizza. I’m looking forward to helping you fall in love with George Mason University as much as I have!

Arial Martin

Arial Martin Headshot

Born to fit the name. Hello all, my name is Arial Martin, and I am one of the peer mentors this fall assigned to section 17 of Honors 110: Principles of Research and Inquiry. I love anything that has to do with water, from swimming, to underwater rugby you name it, so sharing the same name as The Little Mermaid, minus the spelling, was quite the coincidence.

I am a third year in the honors college class of 2023, and I am majoring in Forensic Science.  Upon graduation my goal is to be a forensic crime scene investigator. When I am not at work or doing schoolwork, I am outside camping, exploring, fishing, or working out. I was born into a military family in Colorado and have been fortunate enough to have moved all around the United States. In my years at Mason, I have been a part of the Under Water Hockey club, Mason swim club, and a member of The National Society of Leadership and Success.  This is my first semester being a peer mentor however, I have some experience guiding, and teaching people of all ages to succeed, as I am a lifeguard instructor for Fairfax County. I chose to become a peer mentor in the honors college because I enjoy facilitating and mentoring students in research that they are passionate about. My goal as a peer mentor is to help provide the same positive and “eye opening” researching experience that I was fortunate enough to experience when I took Honors 110.

Merisa Mattix

I promise, research can be fun! My name is Merisa Mattix, a third-year student from Arizona in and the accelerated master’s program. As a Carter School student, I am an Ambassador, Faculty Board Student Representative, and Senior Buddy. I am also the Administrative Coordinator for the Mary Hoch Center for Reconciliation, a research center within the Carter School. Along with my coursework, I am Fundraising Research Assistant at the Center for World Religions, Diplomacy, and Conflict Resolution and participated in an OSCAR Summer Team Impact Program. As a peer mentor, I am excited to help first-year students start their research career, hoping to show them that despite all the work, knowledge creation is an immensely rewarding piece of academia and crucial piece of effective practice. Outside of GMU, I advocate for preventing and fighting human trafficking, participating in the Dressember Campaign for the last five years. In my free time, I love to cook, hike, and spend time with friends at coffee shops.

Sydney Miller

Sydney Miller Headshot

When I was in elementary school, I would be late to class almost every morning, rescuing small beetles that were probably pests infesting the school, picking them up, booping their little heads, and releasing them outside. I pet bumblebees (they’re very soft,) walk barefoot in the woods, and save lizards from being my cat’s playthings. I love everything about animals and nature, and now, I’m a junior Environmental Science major here at Mason with (hopefully) a double minor in Conservation and Theatre. Hi, I’m Sydney, and I’m so excited to be one of your peer mentors this semester!  

I originally took Honors 110 in Fall 2019, where I really enjoyed the flexibility of the class, and I learned a lot about good research skills and writing in an academic style. I chose to be a peer mentor this year because I love helping people and learning new things, and I hope to strengthen my leadership abilities and conversational skills. I believe my strengths lie in active listening, writing, and presenting; I absolutely love putting together creative, visually appealing, and informative presentations! 

Outside of class, I’m involved in Mason’s School of Theater productions and GMU’s all-women’s a capella group, Noteworthy. I hope to attend the Mason-Smithsonian School of Conservation in the spring or other upcoming semesters, and possibly get my master’s in environmental science or Ecology. After school, I aspire to work in the wildlife conservation field. I would love to travel the world for my job and work hands-on with animals and the environment. Outside of my job, I would like to continue acting and being a part of the world of theatre and the arts, and advocate for connections and collaborations between STEM and the arts. Ultimately, I hope my work will help make a difference in the world. 

In the present, however, I’m excited to be working with Honors 110 students and professors to help create and maintain a positive, efficient learning environment. I’m looking forward to being a peer mentor this semester!

Heather Ochs

Heather Ochs Headshot

My name is Heather Ochs and I am an aspiring criminal defense attorney. As a senior pre-law student at Mason, I am majoring in psychology and minoring in criminology. I am involved in several different groups on campus including the Schar Pre-Law group and TAU Sigma Honor’s Society. In my spare time I manage a social media platform dedicated to providing support and recovery resources to those struggling with addiction. I also became a fellow at the Heritage Foundation this past summer, where I took advantage of the opportunity to collaborate and learn from different policy scholars. My professional goals include becoming a respected defense attorney, trying a case in front of the United States Supreme Court, becoming a Supreme Court Justice, and opening a recovery house. As a Honors College mentor I am responsible, detail oriented, and dedicated to helping my peers succeed. I decided to take on the leadership role as a mentor because I wanted to contribute my research skills and knowledge to helping others succeed in their own research projects and proposals. One of the greatest things about being a mentor is learning from my mentees about a wide variety of topics and being able to help them formulate unique research questions.

Isaac Putla

Isaac Putla Headshot

My name is Isaac Putla. I am a computer engineering major, and I am a peer mentor (PM) in the Honors College (HC). For a long time, my main goal here at Mason was and is to get done and leave with my master's degree as quickly as possible. As such, the concept of getting involved on campus was foreign to me. I was only a freshman when COVID hit, and we went virtual, so the idea of getting involved never crossed my mind.  Rather, I spent COVID focusing on jump-starting my degree. I returned to in-person learning as a junior, but I was also started my master’s degree, and I was on course to graduate early. I was ahead – and yet, unsatisfied. A year of virtual learning and quarantine made me realize that I didn't want these crucial 5 years of my young adult life to simply be about getting good grades. I wanted to live and learn, but for so long, I was only learning. So, I started taking initiative to become more involved and re-engage, which is why I became a HC peer mentor. I think that being a PM is great way to develop leadership skills and participate in significant community engagement. The freshmen HNRS110 students are in an extremely formative time of their college career, and I don’t want their experiences to be as monotonous as mine. Being their PM means that I can guide them through the taxing Honors curriculum, relating to them and sharing my experiences along the way. This is my goal now: I want to learn from others, but I want others to learn from me.

Zita Riberio

Zita R Headshot

We listen to our peers best. When my parents would tell me their past mistakes it would go in one ear and out the other, but when a friend told me something in confidence I truly listened, not just served as an earpiece.

I currently serve as a peer mentor both for the Honors 110 Research Class and for the Mason Autism Support Initiative. I find I learn something new from my peers, whether it’s a new song or a novel study habit!

In my spare time I enjoy painting, perching in the sun with a good book, and watching shows on Netflix.                                   

I hope to graduate from the Nursing Program and focus on Women’s Health.

Mariam Sanad

Mariam Sanad

Hi, my name is Mariam Sanad. I’m a sophomore at Mason, majoring in community health with a concentration in global health. As a community health major and an individual who was born and raised in a developing country, I’ve always been passionate about playing an active role in the lives of the vulnerable and less fortunate; in the future, I hope to improve community members’ well-being and raise awareness about health issues. On campus, I’m involved with the Student Health Advisory Board (SHAB) and Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society. Outside of Mason, I work as a front-desk receptionist at a chiropractor’s office.

As a peer mentor, I love helping students navigate through their first year of college. I’m hoping to be a long-term resource that students can utilize for both academic and non-academic related questions. Some of the primary reasons I decided to become a peer mentor are to facilitate the transition from high school to college, create an inclusive and welcoming environment, and improve students’ success in Honors 110. I’m looking forward to helping students find their research passions and become more successful in their academic journeys!

Vanessa Soares Da Silva

Vanessa S Headshot

Vanessa Soares Da Silva is a Government and International Politics major concentrating in Comparative Politics, and minoring in Data Analytics. As a junior in the Schar school, Vanessa has been able to take courses that honed her skills in communication, professional writing and research. Currently, Vanessa is involved in Peer Mentoring, the mentee program in the Schar school, and the Honors Research program. By being a Peer Mentor, Vanessa enjoys being able to assist other students with their research topics. Mentoring also allows Vanessa to learn more about being a leader with the assistance of faculty and other Peer Mentor. With the combination of her old and new skills, Vanessa hopes to work in the Governmental Affairs field in the private sector, after attending Law School.

Kelly Szal

Kelly S Headshot

Some call me an achiever who strives to try their best, a mentor for others in need, a researcher at heart, a friend, but you can call me Kelly. I’m a Junior majoring in Medical Laboratory Science and hoping to one day become a microbiological researcher. I am currently taking coursework to become a Medical Laboratory Scientist. I will run tests for patients in a hospital/clinic and elucidate any results patients wish for. My science and lab-heavy degree has given me skills to take into any lab and do a wide range of experiments that will only grow with time.

Although microbiological research is my current career, I have cultivated soft skills and leadership strategies along the way. I have held leadership positions such as a Residential Assistant and Mason Ambassador. Each position has made me knowledgeable with leading a group, building community, and understanding who I lead. Additionally, I have taken six years of engineering courses and although I am not continuing that path, my skills of troubleshooting and mechanical work will help me operate future devices. With my combined knowledge, I know that I have the ability to uncover parts of the vast unknown the world has to offer.

Hannah Thomas

Hannah Thomas Headshot

My name is Hannah Thomas, and I am a Peer Mentor for Honors 110 this semester! I am a Junior in the Honors College majoring in Neuroscience. I have two main reasons I decided to become a peer mentor this semester. The first reason is that I remember how helpful my peer mentors were my freshman year when I took this course. I truly enjoy making little differences in people’s lives and helping through this sometimes very difficult course will help me do that! The other reason is that I have been a Resident Assistant for the Honors College for 2 years, so I thought it would give me a inside view on what my residents and other freshman are experiencing so I can help in the best way possible.  I have experience tutoring and as an RA I can refer students to a plethora of resources other than myself on campus. I have many passions outside of the sciences including the arts, philosophy and social justice, so I am well versed in multiple topics and if I am not, I am more than willing to do my own research to better help! When I graduate, I plan to go into research, so being around so many people who are often writing research proposals about things they are passionate about makes me genuinely very happy and excited to help everyone this semester!

Stefany Villanueva

Stefany Villanueva Headshot

My name is Stefany Villanueva and I am a junior in the School of Business majoring in accounting. I've recently had the opportunity to have an internship in this field, which helped me gain valuable skills and expertise. As a peer mentor in 110, I enjoy listening to students' interests and perspectives and hope to provide support to guide them in the right direction. At Mason, I serve as the Vice President of the Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA). I am also a first-generation student and an alumnus of the Early Identification Program, so I know what it's like being the first in the family to attend college and navigating everything on your own. It can be a bit overwhelming, but I can serve as a mentor in this aspect! I volunteer for EIP as an alumni mentor at Mason where I hold one-on-one check-in conversations with EIP freshmen at Mason to ensure their transition to college has been smooth and great. Outside of Mason, some of my hobbies include playing soccer and volleyball with friends.

Brie Warman

Brie Warman headshot

My name is Brie Warman, and I have the absolute pleasure of being an Honors 302 peer mentor this semester! I am currently a sophomore pre-nursing major here at Mason, and I work as a CNA and nanny part time. Needless to say, time management has been a necessity this semester. Also, in between school and work, I support women’s heart health as a member of Alpha Phi! Being involved and contributing to my local community is a huge part of my everyday life, and GMU has played a huge part in allowing me to do so. Along with my contribution to Alpha Phi, I have been apart of the Honors College Honoring Our Community program and of course, being a peer mentor. These opportunities are just a reminder on how far I can go in my career path and what I can do to succeed, and I feel honored that I can be there alongside Honors 302 students while they go through their own personal journey!

Keiry Yessenia Chicas

Hello! My name is Keiry Chicas, and I am a sophomore majoring in Global Affairs with a concentration in Latin America studies and a minor in Spanish language. I hope to pursue a law career after I graduate from GMU! As a peer mentor for HNRS 110, I enjoy helping students who are curious to learn more and also see how far they go on their research, Honors kids are amazing!. As a Mason student, I am co-editor of a Spanish literacy journal Mason called Hispanic Culture Review (HCR) I am also actively involved in the Early Identification Program as a mentor helping middle and high school students academically and in their transition to college. I love being a mentor to students because I believe mentorship is important in our lives. Aside from Mason, I keep myself busy volunteering in my church in the production team. Need any help live streaming? I'm your girl!

Patrick Arcienega

Patrick A Headshot

¡Saludos! My name is Patrick Arcienega, I am a first-generation, Latino, third year student at George Mason University studying Mechanical Engineering. To help the communities I am involved in not just because it is something I enjoy but rather something that I see necessary to do to represent people who have similar backgrounds to me. Some examples of me helping the communities I am a part of is my involvement within organizations on and off campus as the Vice President of The Aguilas Mentoring Program (AMP), STEM Specialist for The Early Identification Program (EIP), Peer Mentor for The Student Transition Empowerment Program (STEP), and Peer Mentor for the Honors College course: Honors 110. From my personal experience as a student, it was hard for me to find anyone who looked like me or someone who could relate to me within the School of Engineering. Furthermore, being involved in a Hispanic/Latinx community at Mason was a big opening as to seeing a familiar community I reside with. This pushed me to get involved with AMP to help young Latino men on campus to strive for success and getting involved with EIP as a STEM Specialist to represent an underrepresented group of Latinx people within the Engineering field.

Mina Al Hashimi

Mina Al Hashimi is a third-year student at George Mason University studying Accounting. Mina plans to use her degree to assist minority communities to become financially stable through budgeting and planning. She is passionate about supporting minority communities. This is shown in her role as president of a student organization called the Association of Latino Professionals For America (ALPFA). ALPFA is a professional development organization that assists students to find the career path for them. Mina is also a Program Support Assistant at the Early Identification Program (EIP) at George Mason University. EIP is a college access program for first-generation college students in the NOVA area. Lastly, Mina plays a role in the Honors College as a Peer Mentor to students in the Research & Inquiry course. She not only enjoys developing research within her field of study but also adores working with the students. She is fond of supporting them as they discover their way through college. As a first-generation college student herself, Mina knows firsthand the obstacles faced when beginning a new and unpaved path. She hopes to assist students in their course and throughout their time at Mason.

Kylie Smith

Hi! My name is Kylie Smith, and I am a fourth-year student at Mason majoring in mathematics and minoring in sociology. I have been a Peer Mentor in Honors 110 Research and Inquiry for 3 semesters, and my experience working with students in the course has been incredible. I love being a mentor in HNRS 110 so that I can collaborate with students and aid them as they gain invaluable skills in synthesis, creativity, teamwork, and more. Working with first-semester students is so rewarding because I not only get to help them in the classroom with their coursework, but I also get to be a resource for them to adjust to their new life at college. I plan to use my experience as a mentor to assist me in working college admissions once I graduate.

Logan Lehman

Hi! My name is Logan Lehman and I’m a junior from Blacksburg, Virginia majoring in Government and Spanish. This is my second semester as a peer mentor and my first semester as a lead mentor. I’m also doing an internship with the Guatemala Human Rights Commission this semester. I’ve continued as a peer mentor because I love helping students realize the potential of their research. I’ve also found that peer mentoring has helped me improve my own research and communication skills. In addition to the project that I did for Honors 110, I’ve gained research experience as a research assistant through the Schar school’s URAP program during the past two semesters. When I’m not at school or work, I love going on hikes (preferably with my dog Sadie).