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Engaging the Next Generation of Mason Students

MasonU, co-founded by Honors College students Desmond Moffitt and Shannon Toole, aims to empower kindergarten through eighth grade students from challenged socio-economic backgrounds to attend college.

The program, which plans and guides campus tours and college-planning activities, has served more than 2,000 young people from 16 area schools. Research shows that the earlier students begin to think of college as a possible goal, the more likely they are to apply and enroll.

MasonU volunteers take middle school students from underserved communities on an interactive tours around campus.

MasonU volunteers take middle school students on an interactive tours around campus.

"I joined MasonU because I believe that having access to higher education at a young age is valuable for all students," said MasonU President and Honors College student Hannah Warner. "It is important to make every effort to encourage students to make a college education a goal and provide them with resources to help make this aspiration a reality," 

MasonU has formed strong partnerships with schools throughout the D.C. area, with participating schools bringing their students back year after year.

"On a typical MasonU day, whether we are working with a group of 20 kids or 500 kids, you can always count on seeing a student's eyes light up and something clicking in their mind. That is a wonderful moment to get to be a part of," said MasonU Vice President Roxana Kazemi.