Honors College Connects Student Experiences

Honors College Connects is open to second semester students who share our passion for creating change in the local community.

For information about how you can engage with Honors College Connects, please reach out to us at hcc@gmu.edu.


What made you interested in Honors College Connects (HCC)?

“HCC interested me because it was an organization run by students for other students and provided a diverse selection of service opportunities.”

“I became interested in HCC because in high school, I would do a lot of community service and I wanted to continue that in college. HCC definitely gave me that! From HCC I also learned a lot more about how nonprofits work behind the scenes.”

How did Honors College Connects support your professional development?

“Honors College Connects helped me with my public speaking and professional communication skills through its client-consultant type partnership with local nonprofits.”

“HCC provided me with a sense of community especially in the Honors College. I was able to meet other students with similar and different interests, which allowed me to become more open minded. HCC also gave me the opportunity to develop professional skills such as formatting emails, conducting interviews, and how to communicate with other professions.”

“HCC helped me feel more connected to the Honors College, as well as my local community. It also gave me valuable skills that I can take with me anywhere, such as confidence when talking to executives, or verbal and writing communication.”

Why should students join Honors College Connects?

“I would definitely recommend HCC to any student interested in service and teamwork. HCC allowed me to really learn a lot about myself as a leader and about the change I want to see in my community.”

“I would recommend HCC to anyone because it goes beyond just meeting the 261 requirements. Students have the opportunity to do real work and gain experience that could be transferred to any career.”

“HCC allowed me to develop meaningful professional relationships and grow my interpersonal skills. I was so passionate about the work I was doing with my nonprofit that I decided to further get involved with an international nonprofit and give back further to my own community.” 

“HCC is a student-led organization that aims to solve real-world struggles from nonprofits in the NOVA area. As a student in the course, HCC provides the opportunity to work directly with a nonprofit organization and builds communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills.”

“HCC not only provided me with a sense of service, professional development, and community within the Honors College but also allowed me to develop and grow as an individual. I highly recommend this program not only because it provides great satisfaction and so much more but also, the relationships developed through this program are lifelong.”

“As a student participant, HCC is not only a service orientated program but also a community for like-minded students with a love and drive for serving others.”

What were the most important outcomes of Honors College Connects?

“At the end of our semester, our nonprofit partners contacted us and told us they had been awarded grant money from one of the grants we helped them research. It was great to see how our hard work paid off, and to know that that grant money will be used for a great cause.”

“I learned, through HCC, that I needed to be more aware of the various nonprofits around my local community and all the resources available yet not seen by most people. HCC makes me feel like I am helping, if only a little, lighten the workload from a nonprofit organization. HCC definitely helped me grow professionally, the skills I acquired from working with nonprofits in a professional environment could only be learned through experience.”