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EIP students sitting in front of a laptop

High school students participate in the Early Identification Program (EIP) at Fairfax campus. Photo by Alexis Glenn/Creative Services/George Mason University

Learn While Giving Back

Think back to when you were applying to college.

Do you remember the time it took to compose different essays for the different schools you wanted to apply to? This is a stressful time for many of us, especially those of us who do not have family members to help us with the proces

The Honors College has teamed up with the Early Identification Program (EIP), a college preparatory program for first generation, college bound middle and high school students to help provide support as students prepare to apply to college!

Students who participate in HNRS 330 003 (CRN 21130) College Application Coaches will help students find resources to help them with their college applications, help with college application essays, and will send reminder emails to make sure all the EIP students apply to Mason's Honors College.

We are looking for 20-25 dedicated student volunteers to serve as College Application Coaches.  This will involve attending an organizational meeting this Fall, helping with an EIP event (where you will meet your students) on the Fairfax Campus of Mason in January, attending twice-weekly classe sessions during the Spring semester (Tuesday and Thursday 12noon-1:15p) to be trained, and making visits to EIP student Academic Mentoring Program sites. 

Requirements filled

As an HNRS 330 class, this opportunity may be used to fill several different requirements:

  • Requirement 1. You may substitute this HNRS 330 for HNRS 353 in Requirement 1. 
  • Requirement 3. You may use HNRS 330 as one of your two required classes for Requirement 3; however, the same section of HNRS 330 may not be counted for both Requirement 1 and Requirement 3.
  • Humanities/Social Science Electives. Some majors, such as those in Engineering, have a minimum number of Humanities/Social Science credits. This class should count towards these elective credits.
  • Other requirements. Some majors have a COMM 100/101 requirement that may be filled by this class because it substitutes for HNRS 353.  

As always, major-specific requirements are ultimately determined by the departments. We ask that you meet with your Honors College advisor and have them work with your major department, if you plan on applying to this opportunity. 


Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
A couple of days before the Spring semester, we will meet our students face-to-face on the Mason Fairfax campus. In the classroom, you will then begin developing your ability to provide support to these students once the semester begins

Meet your students on campus, then start training
You will visit each student once during the semester at local public schools where they attend weekly tutoring sessions as part of EIP’s Academic Mentoring Program (AMP). While we are meeting them, you will help them plan for their college application process.

Meet your students at the AMP sites
After meeting each student at their Academic Mentoring Program sites, you will use Google Drive and a weekly email to continue helping them plan for the college application process and begin preparing the materials they need to succeed. You’ll also invite them to come for a personal tour of campus.

Provide helpful email reminders & invite for a tour of Mason

What is EIP? 

How to apply

Students who are interested in applying for one of these competitive volunteer positions, should fill out the preliminary application form by November 5. If it looks like a good fit, we will reach out to you with further application directions.


We expect this commitment to be roughly equivalent to a regular 3-credit class.

Date Description Details
5 November Applications due This will be a by-application course
November Organizational Meeting After applicants have been selected, we will hold an organizational meeting
19 January On Campus meeting with students Coaches who live on-campus will be allowed to move in at least one day early. We will hold a brief training in the morning of 19 January, then meet with our students on the Fairfax campus during the day
Throughout Spring Semester Training, Conversation, and Reflection Over the course of the semester, you will receive training in the classroom to help support you as you help your students. You'll also explore issues related to college access and first generation students with other volunteers in the class.
Early- to Mid- February Meet your students at AMP Sites We are working out the final details, but we anticipate having one College Application Coaches event at each Academic Mentoring Site. These events will be coordinated so that all volunteers assigned to a site attend on the same day. Either EIP or the Honors College will provide a shuttle to the site and we will work to develop a shared lesson plan for the event in class. This will enable you to have more relationship-building face-to-face time with the students you met in January.
mid-Feb through early-May Individually work with students As a group, we will have weekly tasks that involve emailing students about important aspects of the college application process, offering to answer questions, and/or helping the students complete application-relevant activities using Google Drive.
Early May Reflection After completing your College Application Coaches experience, you will be asked to attend a one-on-one meeting with Ms. Eva Bramesco, Ms. Kareema Smith, or Mr. Richard Todd Stafford to discuss reflect.