Communications Team

The Honors College Communications Team’s purpose is to share stories from our community. We hope to uplift voices, bring people together, and inspire lifelong learning by showcasing the people – students, faculty and staff, and alumni – that make our Honors College unique. 

Working behind the scenes of this website, its corresponding news and social media posts, student and alumni newsletters, and other outreach functions is a small team of student creatives that understand the power of storytelling. Led by Honors College professor and Director of Communications Mr. Richard Todd Stafford, the Honors College Communications Team works to create content that strengthens our community and connects students with learning opportunities that will help them thrive while at Mason. We cover everything from research exhibitions to volunteer projects, special events to everyday wins, and incoming freshman to longtime alums. As the Honors College community continues to grow and evolve, our job is to promote and applaud its successes.

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Communications Team Members

Juan Escalera - Social Media Intern

Juan Escalera

Juan Escalera is a senior at George Mason University pursuing a B.S. in Marketing and a B.A. in Economics. He joined the Honors College Communications Team in the 2021 spring semester as the social media intern. His role involves creating social media strategies and content for Honors College events, activities, and student achievements programs.

Outside of his role on the communications team, he worked with the Early Identification Program as their social media manager. He is passionate about outdoor activities such as backpacking and camping, along with spending time with friends.

Kimberly Laura - Graphic Design Intern

Kimberly Laura

Kimberly Laura is a sophomore at George Mason University, majoring in Community Health with a concentration in Clinical Science. Kim is the graphic designer for the Honors College Communications Team. She creates outreach materials for newsletters, affiliated websites, and print campaigns. Further, Kim designs posts and logos for social media platforms. She is also a Community Assistant for Housing and Residence Life and is involved in clubs such as F1st Gen Mason and the Student Health Advisory Board.

Andreana Lin - Lead Communications Intern

Andreana Lin

Andreana Lin is a senior Creative Writing major with a Fiction concentration and minors in Conservation Studies and Professional & Technical Writing. She has spent a semester over at the Smithsonian-Mason School of Conservation researching Hawaii’s ohi’a lehua trees, woodworking, and designing brochures for local museums. She loves to bake, plan fun events, learn languages, birdwatch, draw, and write in her free time.

As the Lead Communications Intern in the Honors College Communications Team, Andreana oversees all communication-related aspects for the team, setting up regular meetings, faculty brown bags, and professional development seminars. She also helps manage the Honors College website. Beyond her work with the communications team, she is also a peer tutor for Mason’s Writing Center and teaches English to K-12 students.

Mariam Qureshi - Writing and Copyedit Intern

Mariam Qureshi

Mariam Qureshi is a senior at George Mason University, majoring in English with a concentration in Writing & Rhetoric and a minor in Nonprofit Studies. Since joining the Honors College Communication Team her sophomore year as the Writing & Copyedit Intern, she has written articles, conducted interviews, supported the newsletters, onboarded new team members, and provided written content for social media.

Outside of the Communications Team, Mariam is a writer who is passionate about equitable education opportunities for all students. She is an instructor at the McLean Islamic Center where she teaches enrichment and leadership classes to Muslim youth. In addition, Mariam works with incarcerated students at a local juvenile detention center by teaching creative nonfiction writing workshops and participates in abolitionist mutual aid efforts. After her undergrad, Mariam hopes to find her place between the intersections of education and policy in order to facilitate more favorable outcomes for incarcerated and otherwise underserved communities.

Annalise Emons - General Communication Intern

Annalise Emons

Annalise Emons is a junior at George Mason University majoring in communication with a concentration in public relations and minors in sustainability studies and American government. She joined the Honors College Communication Team in Fall 2021 as a general intern who performs a variety of tasks including editing the Honors College newsletter, writing articles, and creating social media content. 

Beyond her role in the Communication team, Annalise is deeply involved in the many opportunities made available to her at Mason: she is currently serving as the president of Kappa Delta – Theta Rho chapter, assisting in the social media needs of two student organizations, and is conducting undergraduate research on the power of misinformation presented through infographics on social media.

Cara Chiswell - General Communication Intern

Cara Chiswell

Cara Chiswell is a sophomore at George Mason University majoring in Forensic Science with a concentration in Forensic Chemistry. She joined the communications team in the Fall of 2021, pursuing passions outside of the STEM field in writing, videography, and social media.

Outside of the communications team, Cara is a member of the George Mason Forensics Team where she enjoys public speaking and acting, as well as being a Mason Ambassador. She hopes to inspire more students like herself to come to Mason in the future through her academic and social life. She enjoys dancing, acting, and playing a variety of horror games, but nothing beats quiet time alone with a book.

Hana Al Shawi - General Communication Intern

Hana Al Shawi

Hana Al Shawi is a sophomore at George Mason University majoring In Forensic Science. She joined the Honors College Communication Team in Fall 2021 as a general intern that performs various tasks such as writing articles, conducting interviews, creating social media content, and editing videos.

Beyond her role in the Communication team, Hana is involved in multiple organizations on campus. She is a tour guide for Mason Ambassadors, part of the Honors College Recruitment Team, and a mentor for the Honors College Connects program. In addition, Hana is a Certified Pharmacy Technician and hopes to work in the medical field in the future. Hana enjoys seeing her friends during her free time, and is always down to try new desserts.

Maia Ocampo - General Communication Intern

Maia Ocampo

Maia Ocampo is a Freshman as George Mason University currently pursuing an Applied Computer Science Degree with a Concentration in Game Design. She had recently joined the Honors College Communications Teams this past fall 2021 semester as a General Intern creating media content for the team.

Outside her roles as a team member and student, Maia is passionate about the arts. She often spends her free time reading, making art, and also spending time with her family.

Hanan Isse - Assessment and Analytics Intern

Hanan Isse

Hanan Isse is a junior at George Mason University, double majoring in Accounting and Information Systems and Operations Management. Hanan conducts research for the communications team. She gathers data through surveying and facilitating focus groups in order to gather information for a communications assessment report. This report is used as a way of measuring success as well as getting feedback to better the Honors College’s means of communicating. She is also an Early Identification Program (EIP) mentor and is involved in clubs such as Muslim Student Association and The Somali Student Association.

Jessica Taylor - Audio Production Intern

Jessica Taylor

Jessica Taylor is a freshman at George Mason University pursuing a B.M. in Music Technology with a Recording emphasis. Her role on the Honors College Communication Team as the audio production intern involves creating and writing original music to accompany videos, capturing live audio for interviews and events, and assisting in video editing and production.

Jessica has been producing music for over five years, and writing music for about ten. Beyond her work with the communications team, she is a freelance music producer, vocalist, and songwriter. She has released 8 original songs onto streaming platforms under the name Jessica Taylor, which have gained over 100,000 streams in total. She loves her two little dogs, all sorts of video games, and playing soccer. She hopes to pursue a career as a music producer and engineer.

Daniel Chung - Webmaster

Daniel Chung

Daniel Chung is a junior at George Mason University, majoring in Information Technology with a concentration in Cybersecurity. Daniel joined the Communications team in the Fall semester of 2021 as the webmaster, in charge of updating and creating webpages for the Honors college while also performing other IT tasks. 

Outside of the Communications Team, Daniel is passionate about staying up to date with the latest technology. Daniel also enjoys staying active, spending time with family/friends, and playing video games in his free time. 

Wasiq Ali - Webmaster

Wasiq Ali

Wasiq Ali is a freshman at George Mason University pursuing a major in Computer Science. He joined the Honors College Communications Team in the fall semester of 2021 as the website intern. His role involves keeping the Honors College website up to date and doing other IT tasks.  

Outside of his role on the Communications Team, Wasiq is passionate about healthcare and the medical field. He spends his time volunteering at a free clinic and at a hospital. He enjoys walking around campus, spending time with his friends, going on excruciatingly long drives, and playing video games which he ultimately rage quits.