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Honors College 10th Anniversary

Despite our relative youth, the Honors College has deep roots at George Mason University.

What began as the Program in Alternative General Education (PAGE) in the early 1980s expanded to the Mason Honors Program and eventually became the Honors College in 2009 when it merged with the University Scholars and the Office of Fellowships.

The Honors College serves students from all academic units across campus. We are proud to be concluding our 10th year of helping this multidisciplinary group of students develop as scholars, leaders, and change-making members of their communities.

Reflections on what makes the Honors College unique from our faculty and staff

Dean Zofia Burr

Portrait of Dean Zofia Burr "Advising is still one of my favorite parts of the job because I get to know the students and hear their stories. Because I know the university, I feel really able to help them." 

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Associate Dean Jan Allbeck

Portrait of Associate Dean Jan Allbeck "Honors College students [are] from all over the place and [come from] all different disciplines and perspectives: what they're really excited about is inspiring."

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Assistant Dean Andy Hoefer

Portrait of Andy Hoefer "Every day, I get to meet faculty, staff, and students who are doing original things to address challenges and questions – many of which I didn't even realize were challenges and questions."

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Senior Assistant Director of Admissions Eva Bramesco

Portrait of Eva Bramesco "One of my favorite things about the Honors College's approach is that it's centered in confidence in our students."

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Living and Learning Community Coordinator Telecia Taylor

Portrait of Telecia Taylor "Each student has a story. When I have the opportunity to hear one of those stories, I'm truly grateful. I am inspired by their determination to overcome obstacles in order to have a positive contribution to the world."

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