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Virtual Research Exhibition

The Honors College provides students the opportunity to share and disseminate their research and creative projects. Last semester, we learned how to do that remotely. 

Each year, the Honors College hosts two research exhibitions where our students have the opportunity to share their research and creative projects with our community. In addition, many colleges and units have research celebrations each semester. This Spring, due to the closure of our physical campus, we organized a Virtual Research Exhibition for our students. This means that you have an opportunity to visit our Research Exhibition without even coming to campus.

Karlin Moore

Estimating Traffic-Related Air Pollution

Jasmine Okidi

Degradation of Wetlands in Kampala

Elise Mertz

Overexcitabilities and gifted adolescents

Olivia Garcia

Environmental and Sustainability Studies
The Political Effects of the Grant Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

Maggie Walker

Global Protection of Alliance for Zero Extinction sites and Conservation of Threatened and Near Threatened Species

Molly Harnish

Who owns the forests? An economic analysis of public ownership of forestland

Benjamin Rhoades

Environmental studies
Microplastics in the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers

Kim Laura

Economic impacts on German during the 1920s

Karen Therrien

A Cellular Model For Altered Nicotonic Receptor Calcium Signaling In Thalamocortical Neurons

Hannah Adamson

Global Affairs
How Public Perceptions of Meat Consumption Impact the Environment

Anna Bertino

WWII Oral History Archive

Katie Russell

Environmental and Sustainability Studies
Examining River Herring Spawning Populations in Potomac River Tributaries

Nikaela Busekrus

Black Women Educators in the Civil Rights Movement

Jack Parker

How Scholars Approach Alternative Religious Movements and Interpret Their Actions

Anagha Sreevals

Global Affairs
Integration of Formerly Displaced Persons Into Post-Secondary Education

Annabel Kaplan

How Tango Dancing Can Improve Functional Mobility in Parkinson's Patients