Udall Scholarships

Support for students studying the environment, Native American healthcare, or tribal policy

“It’s all the more reason to act, to do what you can, to do your part .... For me, for the future, it means there’s going to be lots of work to try to fix some of the problems we’re facing.”

Katherine Russell, Udall winner, on climate change and extinction

What is the Udall Scholarship?

The Udall Foundation awards undergraduate scholarships to second and/or third year college students for leadership, public service, and commitment to issues related to Native American nations or to the environment. Every university can nominate up to 4 students working on environmental issues and up to 4 students working on Native American issues. 


Benefits of receiving the Udall Scholarship include:

  • Up to $7,000 for eligible academic expenses.

  • Access to the Udall Alumni Network: an association of change-makers, working in Indian country and environmental fields, sharing innovative ideas, professional advice, and job and internship opportunities.

  • Five days in Tucson, Arizona, at Scholar Orientation: extending your professional network, meeting other scholars and alumni, and learning new skills.

Past Mason Winners:

  • Katherine Russell
  • Christopher Fernandez

Campus Deadline: Mid-November 2019
National Deadline: March 5, 2020