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Looking for a Sample Schedule for Your Major?

Because of the Honors College's accelerated programs, it is important for students to meet with their advisor, and consult the appropriate Honors College sample schedule on a regular basis. Major-specific sample schedules are listed below, and download links are provided.

Please select the sample schedule that corresponds to your major and the academic year you declared your major. 

If you have questions, please contact

Sample Schedules

  • Undecided, BA (PDF)
  • Undecided Engineering, BS (PDF)
  • Accounting, BS (PDF)
  • Anthropology, BA (PDF)
  • Art History, BA (PDF)
  • Art Visual Technology: Drawing, BA (PFD)
  • Art Visual Technology: Drawing, BFA (PDF)
  • Art Visual Technology: Graphic Design, BA (PDF)
  • Art Visual Technology: Graphic Design, BFA (PDF)
  • Art Visual Technology: New Media, BA (PDF)
  • Art Visual Technology: New Media, BFA (PDF)
  • Art Visual Technology: Painting, BA (PDF)
  • Art Visual Technology: Painting, BFA (PDF)
  • Art Visual Technology: Photography, BA (PDF)
  • Art Visual Technology: Photography, BFA (PDF)
  • Art Visual Technology: Printmaking, BA (PDF)
  • Art Visual Technology: Printmaking, BFA (PDF)
  • Art Visual Technology: Sculpture, BA (PDF)
  • Art Visual Technology: Sculpture, BFA (PDF)
  • Astronomy, BS (PDF)
  • Athletic Training, BS (PDF)
  • Atmospheric Sciences, BS (PDF)
  • BioEngineering, BHI (PDF)
  • BioEngineering, BMPH (PDF)
  • BioEngineering, BMSS (PDF)
  • Biology, BA (PDF)
  • Biology, BS (PDF)
  • Business, BS (PDF)
  • Chemistry, BA (PDF)
  • Chemistry, BS (PDF)
  • Chemistry: BioChemistry, BA (PDF)
  • Chemistry: BioChemistry, BS (PDF)
  • Chinese, BA (PDF)
  • Civil Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering, BS (PDF)
  • Communication, BA (PDF)
  • Community Health: clinical science concentration, BS (PDF)
  • Community Health: global health concentration, BS (PDF)
  • Community Health: no declared concentration, BS (PDF)
  • Computer Engineering, BS (PDF)
  • Computer Science, BS (PDF)
  • Conflict Analysis, BA (PDF)
  • Conflict Analysis, BS (PDF)
  • Creative Writing, BFA (PDF)
  • Criminology, BA (PDF)
  • Criminology, BS (PDF)
  • Cyber Security Engineering, BS (PDF)
  • Earth Science, BS (PDF)
  • Earth Science, BS Geology Concentration (PDF) 
  • Economics, BA (PDF)
  • Economics, BS (PDF)
  • Electrical Engineering, BS (PDF)
  • English, BA (PDF)
  • Environmental Science, BS (PDF)
  • Environmental Sustainability Studies, BA (PDF)
  • Film and Video Studies, BA (PDF)
  • Finance, BS (PDF)
  • Forensic Science, BS (PDF)
  • French, BA (PDF)
  • Game Design, BFA (PDF)
  • Geography, BA (PDF)
  • Geography, BS (PDF)
  • Geology, BA (PDF)
  • Global Affairs, BA (PDF)
  • Government International Politics, BA (PDF)
  • Health Administration, BS (PDF)
  • Health, Fitness, and Recreation Resources:Concentration in Parks and Outdoor Recreation, BS (PDF)
  • Health, Fitness, and Recreation Resources: Concentration in Therapeutic Recreation, BS (PDF) 
  • History, BA (PDF)
  • Human Development and Family Science, BA (PDF)
  • Information Technology, BS (PDF)
  • Information Systems and Operations Management, BS (PDF)
  • Integrative Studies, BAIN (PDF)
  • Integrative Studies, BSIN (PDF)
  • Kinesiology, BS (PDF)
  • Latin American, BA (PDF)
  • Management, BS (PDF)
  • Marketing, BS (PDF)
  • Math, BA (PDF)
  • Math, BS (PDF)
  • Mechanical Engineering, BS (PDF)
  • Medical Lab Science, BS (PDF)
  • Music: Choral Education, BM (PDF)
  • Music: Composition Studies, BM (PDF)
  • Music: Instrumental Education, BM (PDF)
  • Music: Jazz Studies, BM (PDF)
  • Music: Keyboard Performance, BM (PDF)
  • Music: Vocal Performance, BM (PDF)
  • Music: Wind, Strings, Percussion, BM (PDF)
  • Neuroscience, BS (PDF)
  • Nursing, BSN (PDF)
  • Philosophy, BA (PDF)
  • Physics, BS (PDF)
  • Psychology, BA (PDF)
  • Psychology, BS (PDF)
  • Public Administration, BS (PDF)
  • Religious Studies, BA (PDF)
  • Rehabilitation Science, BS (PDF)
  • Russian Eurasian Studies, BA (PDF)
  • Social Work, BS (PDF)
  • Sociology, BA (PDF)
  • Spanish, BA (PDF)
  • Systems Engineering, BS (PDF)
  • Theater, BA (PDF)
  • Theater, BFA (PDF)
  • Tourism and Events Management, BS (PDF)