The Honors College Curriculum fosters academic success in and beyond students’ major areas of study, increases students’ opportunities and abilities to pursue independent research in every field, and prepares them to apply the processes of scholarly inquiry both to their professional development and to the responsibilities of citizenship. Seminars in which they are routinely required to speak and write so as to be understood by those in other disciplines and with different points of view prepare students to be skilled communicators. Research opportunities prepare them not only to find and collect evidence, but also to analyze the evidence by asking the questions no one else may have thought to ask.

Honors students are not restricted in their choice of majors or minors. Honors courses foster analytical skills and problem solving abilities that are needed in every field of study.

Many major departments offer upper-level Honors coursework for students who qualify in the major. While Honors College students are not automatically accepted to Honors programs in their majors, we encourage all students to apply once they are eligible. Especially for students whose majors do not offer upper-level Honors opportunities, the Honors College offers HNRS 410 (Multi-Disciplinary Thesis Proposal Workshop) and HNRS 411 (Honors Thesis).