• Find Challenge
    Find Challenge

    Mason's Honors College attracts a cross section of highly talented, highly motivated students searching for intellectual challenge in an undergraduate experience.

  • Explore Your World
    Explore Your World

    Many entering Honors College students have a wide range of academic interests. As such our curriculum is equipped with a range of engaging multidisciplinary courses designed to facilitate cross discipline learning and connections.

  • Access to a Wealth of Resources
    Access to a Wealth of Resources

    Honors College students have access to an abundance of academic resources including a remodeled Fenwick Library to open Winter 2015.

  • Research Early and Often
    Research Early and Often

    Undergraduate research opportunities are a priority for the Honors College. Students don't have to wait three to four years to do meaningful research. There are HC students who start important reasearch in their field as early as their first year.

  • Study - Life Balance
    Study - Life Balance

    Honors College students work hard but always find time to relax and enjoy activities on campus and in the nation’s capital located a short distance away.

  • Encounter A Variety of Perspectives
    Encounter A Variety of Perspectives

    The Honors College is a scholarly community rich in diversity. Here, top students from all walks of life collaborate to pursue their dreams and solve some of our worlds most pressing concerns.

Honors College News

Students Making an Impact


This year University Scholars Bev Harp and Ryan Thornton served as Co Presidents of the Mason chapter of the Roosevelt Institute. The team was very active this year on several projects including assembling... READ MORE

Our Core Identity

George Mason’s Honors College is a diverse community of approximately 1300 student scholars inside of Virginia’s largest research university who have unique access to opportunities for academic achievement, professional development, and public service. Students of all majors study in an enriched academic and social environment designed to enhance their college experience and through participation in innovative, and challenging programs, they develop their full potential to lead and be active members of their local, national, and global communities.